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"Jayne, your mouth is talking. You might want to see to that."
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January 23 2014

Transcript of Joss Whedon's Q&A at the Paris premiere of Much Ado About Nothing. "I don't have immediate plans, I just want to live through Avengers II. But yes, I mean, do I want to make Hamlet? [whispering] Yes I do."

Btw the French distributors made a video about the premiere.


*cough* I bet he has Hamlet memorized.
That was a nice read. Well done to the fan who transcribed it.
I'd love to see Hamlet by Joss. (I ALMOST said 'I'd love to see his Hamlet', but thanks to The Fast Show that can never again be phrased that way).

Re: the rest of the Q&A, I always gelt really uncomfortable when audience members ask things like the hug and wedding questions. We have a famous and well loved actor with quite an obsessive fan base working with us at the mo, and some of the questions asked at the Q&As have been a bit ...strange.
Great transcription/translation. Joss's voice comes through clearly.
Oh how I'd love to see his take on Hamlet. But it is his go-to answer to that question so I'm not holding my breath.
"Oh shit I was Buffy!"
Mirage I'll second your Tom and raise you a Tony Head. And throw in some Enver for good measure.

Alex_Jamieson People seem to lose any sense of common decency when they're around celebs. At the Motor City Buffy Con one fan actually dropped to her knees and pretended to kiss Tony's feet during the cocktail mingle. Awkward!

ETA: "Even the Hulk can sing." Oh, dear, that just sent me to a funny place... "Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!" Hulk smash

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There's also a video of most of the Q&A (pretty good quality) :
Now I want to see Joss take on Sondheim... Passion maybe, or Assassins (NPH probably still remembers the words).
I feel more than slightly chagrined I haven't seen Joss' Much Ado yet, but I will. I can see with my crystal ball (actually, my finely-honed sense of Joss' capabilities) that it will far surpass the production I saw on stage in London this past fall with Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones (Old Vic). And directed by Mark Rylance, no less. I have no idea what happened. To say it was bad wouldn't be true but to say it was bland would be an understatement, and this all with talented people involved.

And the only thing better than a Joss Much Ado, would be his Hamlet. Can we all just whisper as one, Yes, please. We'd like some more?
Yes, Joss and Sondheim, please!
Great read. "Shrubs are subtlety." "Sun-dappled." #CantStopEditingInternet

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