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January 23 2014

Photos of Nathan Fillion from next week's Community. He plays "the politically savvy head custodian who's not afraid to get his hands dirty."

Revitalized Community + Nathan Fillion = happy times. This will definitely soften the blow of Donald Glover`s absence.
My wife has forgotten he's going to be a guest star...think I'll keep my mouth shut and let her discover this when we watch.
Hmm, funny because of the line from tonight's episode "My same sex-celebrity crush is Nathan Fillion! Nathan Fillion!!"
It's like Willow's "Bring it On!" in season seven. Who starred in that movie in the Buffyverse?
I wish donald was there to play off of him
The show is so good right now.
The show is so good right now.

It really is. Such a breath of fresh air after the last season. I actually look forward to Thursdays again.

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