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January 23 2014

A meeting with Joss Whedon: when Buffy and the Avengers make Shakespeare. The interview is in French but if you use Bing Translator or Google Translate, you'll get some sort of idea of what Joss is talking about when it comes to Much Ado, vampires, Wonder Woman and The Avengers.

"'An episode like "Orphan "[in which Buffy discovers her mother died of a ruptured aneurysm - ed] is perhaps the best job I could do,' [Whedon] says."

Interesting. So in France, the episode "The Body" is titled "Orphan"!
It's Orphans, actually, apparently google translate missed the plural?

*confused* Does Joss speak French? Or did he use an interpreter? Or was the interview translated for the French press?
I don't think he speaks French. So if you're reading the translated article, you're reading a English translation of the French translation of Joss' remarks that he made in English.
At the much ado premiere, he only said "bonjour", so I don't think he speaks French either. The automatic translation is sometimes funny (the vampire is finished!), but it doesn't seem to miss much.

Oh, and french titles for Buffy were often very stupid. Orphans is really not the worst of them. If you're curious, you can try to auto-translate that page:

Sometimes you need to change a title when translating, but sometimes it is just plain stupid. For example, "I only have eyes for you" would become "Je n'ai d'yeux que pour toi", a sentence that is often used in French, but they chose to translate it to "The Sadie Hawkins Party". "Becoming" becomes "Acathla", "What's my line" becomes "Kendra", and so on... They obviously believed the audience wouldn't understand titles that referred to the meaning of the episodes.
Hahaha, I didn't even remember much of the French titles (even if I have the French edition of the series)
I was actually reading it in French... And was surprised how much it still had his 'voice' but maybe that's because he's said similar thngs before and I was visualizing those interviews while mentally translating.

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