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January 23 2014

(SPOILER) Major Marvel character to appear in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. More info about that and other new character news from the TCA panel here.

I've updated the headline so as to NOT spoil fans in other countries who have waited patiently to watch the most recent episodes legally.
This is big news, but how it's handled, and with whom, will be the bigger news
I've been seeing this rumored for weeks.Glad to here confirmation.
I'm very happy to see more of J. August Richards and in what sounds like a big role. He's brought a lot of dramatic heft to the show so far.
Coming Soon also has details about Jaimie Alexander's appearance too.

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The 'Manifestation of his story arc?' Wasn't this directly stated in The Pilot? #yw It will be great to see-It is good to see the show flex some horsepower.
I know nothing about Deathlok. Do other people know so stuff about the character? If so what do you think is most important that might show up on the show.

Also between this and Arrow where we have Deadshot and Deathstroke I am getting really confused.
Don't forget Deadpool.

This article is testament to how loosely we sling around words like "iconic" and "classic". Translation: Classic = Been around for awhile now. Iconic = Aficionados know who he is.
I keep reading that as Dethklok. :P
When I was in school, my teacher, who had majored in Latin, ancient Greek and history said something classic was something that was relevant to every age of man. He was referring to Roman and Greek culture, and not to comic book culture. But, uhm, to each his own.

I am all for cyborgs. And the origin story part was mentioned by the character himself in the pilot, but I disregarded it, because he seemed a bit crazy.
I've been a huge Marvel Comics fan for almost my entire life, but I can count the number of Deathlok stories I've read (or at least remember) on one hand. While I don't think I'd call him a classic or iconic character, I do think he's an incredibly influential character.

Deathlok made his first appearance in 1974, predating the Terminator (1984) and the first appearance of Cyborg of the Teen Titans (1980). So while those characters are more well-known and recognizable than Deathlok, he was the first (as far as I'm aware anyway) to do the iconic half human/half machine face look. He's just not the character who ultimately made it iconic.
Tausif-It's fair to say not many people "know stuff" about the character, per se-what we are looking for is depth and spectacle with this character-and any others they may be fortunate enough to introduce (In moderation-as necessary.) The great thing is that Marvel has a very large gallery of characters awaiting their popular introduction to the world. Look at how many people have been questioning QuickSilver and Scarlet Witch..(who are THOSE guys?!?)

The creative team has a clear purpose-give the audience the human reasons to care about superhumans....think they can pull it off?
It is also clear they are not bringing in the biggest of the Marvel comic characters.
Just in case anyone is interested--the novel "Cyborg" was published in 1972. We know it as "The Six Million Dollar Man." It was adapted to a series of made-for-TV-movies starting in '73 and became a weekly series in '74. According to Wikipedia, the term "cyborg" was coined in 1960.
Also, I'm the opposite of Grack21. When Metalocalypse first came out, I had to force myself not to read the band's name Deathlok.
I think I've been calling them Deathlok this entire time.
Is Deathlok a lost relative of the Deathwok clan? Just askin' :)
As a Marvel fanboy back in the 70's, when they were certainly at their trippiest (Howard the Duck, Man-Thing, Warlock, Killraven, etc., I'm tickled that Deathlok is making an appearance

What I most remember was the ongoing dialogue between the hero and the "'puter" in his head and their uneasy alliance. Seems like that'll be easy to adapt to what's occurred to date on the TeeVee
BarryC-Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have a history in television cartoons (the most recent that I have seen being the WB' X-Men Evolution) so they are not that obscure. When Joss was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon he was surprised that Fallon did not know who they were. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have been known to be the children of Magneto and since Magneto is a property of FOX for movie rights it was confusing as to how the characters would be used in the Marvel movieverse in the Avengers. Complicated by the fact that Bryan Singer said that Quicksilver would appear in the next X-Men movie.

I was looking for defining character traits about Deathlok, powers abilities, back story that could be played with on the show. Others have said that character has been a cyborg whic has been helpful to some extent.

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