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January 24 2014

(SPOILER) Victor Gischler & Scott Allie interview about Angel & Faith in season 10. Newsarama talks to the writer and editor about the new season of Angel & Faith. There's also covers for issue 2 and issue 3.


From Scott Allie's twitter.First panel from the new season of Angel & Faith?

Nice to get some more info on A&F. Love the idea of a "horror noir" vibe. It seems those tiny pink demons on Issue 1's cover are a plot point as one of the nasty little buggers also appears on the 3rd cover. Along with what look likes the return of a vengeful sibling...

I was dying to see Conrad's Angel. And would you look at looks like Angel:) As much as I liked Issac's art, her rendition of Angel always lacked something for me.
Scott Allie just tweeted another panel from the new Angel & Faith.
Really liking the look of the new art. Must try and not spoil too much of it for myself before the 1st issue. They released nearly half of the pages for A&F Season 9 #1 which I avoided, so hopefully they won't do the same with this issue.

April is a long way away!
Really looking forward for this new season.
I still wonder how many mini series or even one shots we might get during it.
Looks good! I'm excited. And looks like we will get Faith exploring Deepscan with Kennedy in Angel and Faith, right? On that issue 2 cover, I'm assuming that's her uniform?

Oh, and I'm still crossing my fingers for a Billy miniseries, written by Jane Espenson!

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