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January 25 2014

Joss Whedon on Avengers: Age of Ultron - Godfather 2 is my 'guiding star'. A brief video interview with Joss from his recent French visit. has a transcript of his remarks.

We open on a young Howard Stark working on his first techno invention...cut to a modern day Tony Stark puttering around in Stark labs as we pan over to the Iron Man suit...

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Just Tell me Nick Fury doesn't die in a tomato patch.....*Hears Joss thinking about it."
At this point I think Joss deserves more of a reputation for bringing characters back from the dead than for killing them.

My favorite Joss resurrection? "You know, I think I'll just randomly wander around this facility for no reason- Oh! Hi Colossus! By the way, I took your ashes to Russia for you."
I do want to see one of a sibling pair kiss another on the lips and say "It was you! I trusted you..." And then put an order to have that sibling killed.

Also, tomato patch death was in Godfather I. So much happens in that movie you forget many important events.
Thank You, Tausif. The broader point is that the key demographic of MCU fans haven't seen The Godfather Trilogy lately. As such, JW looks like more of a genius for recalling it. Maybe more people will revisit Godfather, as well.

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