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January 25 2014

Meet the Filmmaker : Joss Whedon. Great interview by David Edelstein, from June 2013. Joss talks about "Much Ado" and the rest of his work. Some very interesting stuff.

"This video is private". And I'm not touching iTunes.
Strange, the video was still public an hour ago.
You should be able to find it by searching in your favourite podcast application. I use downcast on iOS, and searched "Meet the FIlmmaker" then scrolled back to June last year and there it was. No iTunes required.

There also seems to be one there with Joss, Alexis & Amy together.
I managed to click on the link a couple hours ago before watching it, so it worked for me just now. Here are a few bits I took away from it, for those who can't watch it:

He only got Alyson Hannigan to join a Shakespeare reading once, and it was because Kai would never read except for one time when she asked to do Merry Wives of Windsor, and she would only do it if Alyson Hannigan read it with her.

He talks about how Shakespeare (and the Coen brothers) play with language and make it sound right, which is what Joss also tries to do. A quote about Shakespeare I like:
"Finding the musicality of rhythm in a sentence. Finding the words that not only embody what it is you're trying- but sound, you know, the sound of them evokes what you're trying to do. Words are almost visual. That is something that is so much in him. And yeah, not subtle. I mean, the incredible texture of humanity that he finds is amazing. But he'll go all the way all the time - the broadest, the silliest, the meanest, the most tragic, he wears it on his sleeve and that I love."

He's asked about Amy Acker, and says that at her first audition he was handing her headshot to Marti Noxon, and the moment Amy walked in the room the headshot flew out of Joss's hand and hit Marti Noxon in the face.

He talks about Shakespeare and Sondheim and deconstructing a concept. Sondheim's songs are always "not just the idea but the reason behind the song, he'll get into why anyone needs to hear this song or what it means beyond just 'hey I'm in love' and who that character is."
I mean, I could do a full transcription of the podcast if anyone likes. It would take a while because my transcribing skills are pretty bad and it's about forty minutes long, but I could do it if anyone would like. (Thought I'd offer, at least. I don't even know where I'd put it.) But I think BlueLark picked out the most interesting bits.

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Here's a direct link for those of us allergic to iTunes:
I'd read a transcript if you're up for it.
Thanks for posting the transcript! Very fun read.

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