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January 26 2014

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 10 news from Wizard World Portland. New info about first Buffy issues in season 10. Update A recap of the Dark Horse panel can be found here.

Oh, wow, that's pretty cool. Has Nicholas written anything in the Buffyverse before?

PS - I miss Nicholas Brendon like crazy. He needs to be in more things.
No I don't think so.
Buffy Season 10 panel report from Wizard World Portland.A little more on NB's co-writing with CG on issues 3-5.

Can someone add this to the header?
Has Nick written anything at all? Just wondering if this is his professional writing debut.
The link is added. I'm pleased the Buffy Season 9 library editions seem to be coming out.
Also pleased about the Library editions for Season 9, starting to plan out how to shift my shelf, even if they won't start to come out until very late this year or even early next year.

The traditional TPBs for Season 9 are just about to conclude just a bit before the start of Season 10.

So, still no news whether that Drusilla mini series that was supposed to come out last season, if it is still up for release.

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I'm concerned about the quality of the season based on all the information we've gathered. It would be great if Joss wrote a couple issues...
Add my name to the list of people glad that Library Editions of S9 are going to happen. The S8 ones are GORGEOUS and some of the best hardcover comics I've seen. DEFINITELY makes for a great reading experience.
Is the original story for season 7 that story James was talking about where Spike wins something for himself?
Eddy,it sounds like it from the info when it was first announced a few months ago.

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