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January 26 2014

Info on European and Asian filming locations for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Rumour has it the movie's location shoots will be quite global.

I hope they come to Spain eventually... Im cheap. A drink and a sandwich and they have an extra for life. ;)

Do we know when shooting starts, by the way?
Next month, in the main UK studios.
Obviously, it's important to keep expectations in check for such eagerly anticipated movies like this, but I do think it's time to embrace the possibility that this will be the greatest film of all time. This may turn out to be the Citizen Kane of movies.
haha taking it a little far maybe. but i am so excited for this. i know my expectations were WAY too high for the first one and joss spoiled me and exceeded expectations. unfortunately that gives the second one such unreasonable hype.
The quicker this starts filming the better. I need set pics. I need trailers. I need official stills. I need interviews. I am ready for this movie to get here. The wait has been sooo long.
Ooh We're going via Aosta this August en-route to Tuscany. I think I may try to check out that awesome looking castle.
Somewhere Joss said this has to be like the Godfather II of sequels. His ambition is not low, and somehow I think he could hit this out of the park. But I try to remain open for whatever happens next.
Trentaferd, you made me wish there was a 'like' button on here.
I think people(not just here, but around the web) are taking the Godfather 2 statement out of context. He's only saying that he's taking their approach in not assuming that the audience has seen the previous films. Everything you need is in that one film.

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