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January 27 2014

(SPOILER) Loki: The First Avenger? Could be spoilerish for Thor: the Dark World.

Tom Hiddleston wasn't lying when he said he got to wear the Captain America suit.

Hilarious. He even does Chris Evans accent...
Funny. I wonder if this was actually the original plan, and then they managed to move Chris Evans schedule so they ended up with the fun cameo from the final movie.
From what I hear Tom insisted on wearing the costume because he'd never have the chance to again. And then Chris mimicked Tom's performance in the scene we ended up with. Both were shot on the same day.
"Wanna have a rousing conversation..." With Tom? Any day.
Tomís/Lokiís excitement about the Cap costume is so delicious
I heard in an interview Tom saying that they taped him playing Loki playing Cap, and then Chris watched the tape and did his own Cap playing Loki playing Cap.

What I love is that Tom wasn't required to wear the suit, he just really wanted it. LOL

This cast is awesome!
Tom's cunning plan to play all the Avengers and Villains in the Marvel C.U. His Thor audition is online today too. Very interesting! Can't wait to see his Black Widow.

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