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January 27 2014

Cobie Smulders and Michelle Tratchenberg are guests on tonight's 'Hollywood Game Night' on NBC. Hosted by Jane Lynch, Cobie along her husband Taran Killam are guests in the first hour airing at 8pm, and Michelle is among the guests participating in the second hour airing at 9pm. There's a preview picture gallery: here.

I guess that show has a loose definition of "celebrity". I didn't recognize half the people in the pictures.
Isn't that how most of these "Celebrity" shows are? At least this one has some current stars like Cobie.
I recognized every person on the show, with the exception of the civilians that are trying to win the money. It's a fun show for a Monday night.
Yeah, the celebs in those photos from Cobie's episode are all fairly well-known current television personalities. Taran Killam is on SNL. Henry Winkler is a television icon (he was the Fonz on Happy Days for god's sake). Angie Harmon was on Law and Order and is now on some TNT show. Mayim Bialik is on Big Bang Theory (and played Blossom back in the day). Mark Feuerstein, easily the least known of the group, is the lead on a current USA series, Royal Pains.

And the list from Michelle's episode also not terrible:
Nate Berkus (one of Oprah's daytime disciples), Erika Christensen (From the brilliant Parenthood), Mel B (Spice Girls, America's Got Talent), Padma Lakshmi (host of Top Chef) and Michael Weatherly (of the dreaded NCIS Tuesday night juggernaut).

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