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January 28 2014

Australian rapper samples Joss Whedon's Equality Now speech. You can listen to 360's "On A Planet No One Knows" here (NSFW language).

Simon, the timing is off on the YouTube link. Try t=2m28s in the link address.

(By the way, this is great).

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Nice palate cleanser/antidote for recent nastiness. THX Simon.
As a hip hop artist of sorts, I must say this is quite good. The beat works, the flow is solid, the rhymes are quite strong, and the emotion and idea are very well communicated. On the surface, it would seem the verse's focus on racism and the sample's focus on gender inequality clash a little bit, but I feel like the sample is so long that it practically performs the function of a second verse, thus making it simply two parts of one thing. As a whole, it could have benefited from another (possibly short) verse at the end, either sort of summarizing the overall theme and tying it together, or expanding into another area of inequality (such as for example discrimination against sexual minorities), but it's a solid enough track as it stands. I like it.

The article is a bit factually incorrect, though, claiming that the speech was from last year. Not so much.

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