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January 28 2014

A recap of every Serenity comic (so far). Which is quite handy seeing as 'Leaves on the Wind' #1 is out tomorrow.

By any chance does anyone know of a similar resource for other verse comics? I picked up pamphlet issues of S8, S9, some of Angel and Faith, Spike etc...but haven't found a resource that puts everything together in the correct order. I'd hate to get spoiled (and confused) by reading issues in the wrong order.

Thanks Whedony-people.
I've waited years for someone else to note the problem with "The Other Half".
I waited years to be called a "Whedony-people". Nice ring.
b!X - You mean Serenity shooting down the Reaver ship, right? I noticed that, as well... But I don't think it's necessarily a problem. It's quite possible the crew armed the ship temporarily before going into Reaver territory. After all, they did the same thing in the Big Damn Movie. ;-)

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