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January 28 2014

(SPOILER) Danny Strong is in tonight's "Justified" on FX. The episode is titled "Over the Mountain," and he plays Albert, an abusive prison guard. Also, Alan Tudyk appears in the preview for next week's episode, "Shot All to Hell."

Yeah, I was really excited to see Tudyk in the previews. Justified's done a pretty tremendous job of taking actors known primarily for their comedic roles and getting them to play some entertaining dramatic characters.
Justified is my favourite show on air so having some Whedonverse actors on the show is a real bonus. It was great seeing Danny Strong, I imagine we might see his character again. Can't wait for Alan Tudyk.
Now I have even more fun coming my way.

My brother clued me in on this show and it is a lot of fun.
I've never seen Justified. But reading their re-cap didn't make me want to. It sounds very violent and rather dark. ? Seeing Alan Tudyk is always wonderful, of course, but I don't think I'll go there.
Jocelyn, violent and dark is a fair assessment of "Justified." Also often hilarious and brilliantly acted and written. One of my favorite shows and so happy to see Whedonverse people on it. (Patton Oswalt got a *great* character.)
Justified is certainly violent and dark, but it is not gratuitous or graphic. It is also written very intelligently, and has a lot of wit to leaven or counterpoint the darker moments.
Shapenew, Alex_Jamieson - hm. Well. Hm. Maybe I'll have to try it. I *can* do dark, don't much like violent but can cope in a good cause. Intelligent writing I love, also wit, so ...... the problem is, you know, "so much media, so little time." Currently watching House of Cards, and re-watching Veronica Mars, plus the stuff in real time, not to mention best picture nominees (sad that Much Ado is not in that category, of course). I'll put it on my Netflix list, and try it out, down the line. Thanks for the input!
Flipped out when I saw Danny Strong, so exciting!! Didn't know if he was ever going to act now that he's a big shot writer. So happy for him!!

And yes, Patton Oswalt's character was particularly great! Can't wait to see what they do with Tudyk, didn't know about that either.

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