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January 29 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1. Find out what happened to Mal and co in the first issue of this six part mini-series. As well as the Georges Jeanty variant cover, there's Ghost Variant and Acme Comics variant cover art as well.

And once again, I'm filled with a Reaver-like rage because the Dark Horse app won't let me purchase Serenity #1. I got fed up with their app during Buffy several times when it constantly crashed and wouldn't let me make purchases. I'll keep trying but they really need to get their act together.
Agreed, Xander. Their app is so far behind ComiXology it would be laughable, if it wasn't so incredibly frustrating.

Regardless, looking forward to this!
Right? I wish they'd just suck it up and join Comixology. Everyone else is over there. I don't know what their beef is. And if your gonna be that stubborn, at least have the app to back it up.
Comixology is way better, but I don't find the Dark Horse app as awful.

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Sorry to hear the "Dark Horse App" grumbles... Hope they get that resolved soon or move to ComiXology.

Anyways, I've read 'Serenity:LOTW' #1 and it's unbelievably good! I could not ask for a better first issue

You can check out my review over at Fanboy Comics. It's fairly spoiler free.

Can't wait to see what all the rest of you think of 'Serenity's' return!
I am old enough that I still use "programs" rather than "apps." I just buy the issues through my browser and read them in my library.

Very good first issue. Can't wait to see Mal's reaction when he finds out that he's become a folk hero to an "Occupy" like movement... and that now he has to try and evade them as well as the Feds and the bounty hunters. He and Jayne are going to have words.

The likenesses are pretty good. Kaylee was the only one I had to look at for a minute before I recognized her. The cargo pants are the giveaway.

We get a Mal and Inara scene that Fox never would have signed off on.

I can't say I really approve of the return of Jubal Early, as awesome as he was in "Objects in Space." It really robs that episode of a lot of its impact to see him just turn up hale and healthy. They did the same thing with Lawrence Dobson in the earlier comics. You can't have every cool villain death be reversed. This was supposed to be the one Whedon 'verse where "dead" means "dead."

If Early and Dobson can both come back, then I demand Wash come back as well. So there.

But yeah, that aside this is shaping up to be a pretty awesome miniseries. And I LOVED the Buffy preview pages at the end. I think I might already be crushing on Stripey Leggings Vampire Chick.
I didn't have experience with Jeanty's art before this and the criticisms I saw in some advance reviews made me expect the worst. But it's actually pretty good. I think it's a fantastic first issue. A lot, lot better than I personally expected and I think I had some pretty high standards.

I'm personally excited about Early's return? I mean, I read somewhere (I'll see if I can dig up where) that Joss intended both he and Dobson to have survived if the series had continued, so maybe that's why I'm more approving than AndrewCrossett.

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Got it, enjoyed it. Now to track down all the variant covers.

I've got the two that were available in stores this morning. Heading out soon to locate a "Ghost Variant" cover and I already have the Acme Comics Pulp Fiction cover on order. So that's FOUR. Anyone know of any more?
Oh neat, I didn't know about the Ghost Variant cover. I'll add that to the entry, thanks.
Not that keen on the art but really liked the plot especially River and Zoe having a moment that was sweet.
I just read it and I really liked it. The dialogue was perfect, it really sounded like the characters (though I guess I shouldn't have expected any less from Zack). I was afraid at first that the art was going to be too "cartoony" but by the end it was totally working for me. Also the ship looked perfect.

I am excited to have Jubal back. At the end of "Objects in Space" even though he was floating in the middle of space we saw that he was still alive, so I don't feel it was a "cheat" bringing him back as much as I would have if we saw him actually get killed. I'm interested to see how he got out of it and what has happened in the year or so between that episode and the events in the comic.

I can't wait for the next issue!
I really bloody loved it. I thought Jeanty's work is some of the best he's done too, but I can understand why some may be initially put off by how the reveals of the crew are penciled. But when he gets close, like the panel of Inara, it's incredible. The biggest thing though is that the book feels big. It feels like it contains the 'verse, and they've had trouble handling that before. Very excited.
Yes, about containing the 'verse. I agree with that. I was super exciting to actually /see/ what's been going on the Core and other planets for the first three pages and to read a bit about the debates they're holding over this whole thing. I mean, it's stuff you'd expect to see, but I didn't think we'd actually get panels of it.
I loved it. I thought it was a perfect first issue.

And as for the art, it's honestly better than 99% of the work Jeanty did for Season 9, IMO.
Myself, seeing Jubal Early alive and whole doesn't bother since a.) he clearly wasn't dead the last time we saw him and b.) I've always had this strong impression that River sent his ship back to him - what with the whole "no touching guns!" ban on lethal force neurosis she was dealing with at the time. Plus - I have to confess that I just plain like the guy (which in retrospect is kind of a messed up thing to say given how messed up he clearly is. )

In fact, I wouldn't at all be surprised if his current intentions towards the crew are a bit more favorable to them than what might first seem apparent...
I'd agree that some of the likenesses are a bit rough. But Jeanty took some time to get the Buffyverse peeps down when he started Season 8.

I got a bit misty with Zoe's hallucination. RUDE! But very well done. I'm looking forward to more.

Honestly tho, my favorite part was the preview pages for Buffy Season 10. I LOVED Issacs and Gage on A&F last year so I'm SOO STOKED that they're on the Buffy title now. In just those few pages, she already seems more like Buffy than she has in a while. Plus I really like Isaacs work much more than Jeanty's. BRING ON SEASON 10!
Zoe's hallucination got me all choked up. This is the first comic I have ever bought, so it took me a few pages to get used to the artwork, but I liked it for the most part. Overall, I thought this was a nice transition into what has been happening in the 'verse and a much needed (and satisfying) jump forward in character relationships. And I'm excited to see what happens with Jubal Early.

Also, I found out today that Hypno Comics in Ventura, CA has a signing with Georges Jeanty on Feb. 8th for anyone in the area that is interested. I will be going!
Overall I quite liked this, it was a good first issue. The fallout from the Miranda revelations is pretty much what you would expect (causing arguments and major protests, but not causing the downfall of the Alliance). Also it was pretty logical that Inara would be kicked out of the Companions guild, she must be politically toxic.

I thought the art was good, although I felt that Mal looked a little bit young (possibly due to me seeing modern day Nathan Fillion in my mind's eye rather than nine years ago Nathan Fillion)

As for the Early reveal, I had always just assumed that he had somehow managed to survive (and I think Joss may have implied that was possible in his dvd commentary of Objects in Space)
I loved this comic so much. So so much. It really feels like Firefly season 2 to me.
This thread is going to be long gone from front page before I get to my brick & mortar shop. Slow down Whedonverse!
It's linked to on the sidebar on the right hand side of the front page.
That felt like the 'Verse to me. There may have been tears. Eagerly awaiting the next episode.

Edit: I was going to correct my misuse of the word "episode" instead of "issue" but it feels right so I'm leaving it. :)

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I just noticed at the end that Momma Cobb is knitting Jayne a sweater to match his hat!
Really good comic. Still miss the show. Can a comic really capture the Mal eye roll? ;) Guess we'll find out when the resistance comes calling for their new leader.
All the love. Too much to detail so I'll just pick River's little way of honoring Wash.

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