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January 29 2014

Entertainment Weekly compares "Justified" to "Buffy." "Elmore Leonard's scalawag-cool Kentucky lawman (played by Timothy Olyphant) is a Southern cowboy Buffy, and the bumpkin bogeymen and vampire carpetbaggers who befoul the hollers of his Harlan County home are the demons of his Hellmouth."

I find the comparisons interesting, but I disagree with his thoughts that Justified has become stale.
I love Justified. It's probably my favourite show running at the moment. I think the most accurate comparisons between it and the 'Verse would be it's distinctiveness of voice and its ability to blend humour and drama.

Sadly no UK broadcaster has picked up rights to season 5 yet.
Start asking for it. Maybe that'll help?
Danny Strong debuted in last night's episode, didn't he? Was going to post a link but I couldn't find anything very suitable.
And I too love Justified, some of the best writing on T.V. for several years now. Marvelous dialogue, great characters. I guess Yost learned a thing or two when Joss wrote Speed for him!
Huh, the Jossian influence is everywhere.
I LOVE Justified, though I never really thought of it as Buffy-like. Haven't started the new season yet, but considering how great Season 4 was, I'll be pretty surprised if I think this one is "stale."
It's not stale, it's just what you would hope it would be. Some good cast additions (Danny Strong!) and even the return of Dewey Crow.
"Justified" is easily my favorite show right. Aside from the mix of drama and comedy, I really would not compare it to much to "Buffy" or even "Firefly." It's definitely more Elmore Leonard's world than anyone else's.

That being said, the relationship between Boyd and Eva these days has me thinking a bit of Spike and Drusilla (though Eva's a lot more stable).

Also, it's worth pointing a more direct connection in that "Justified" showrunner Graham Yost received sole writing credit on "Speed" back in '94, and that movie was rewritten significantly by you-know-who. There's also been a bit of back-and-forth between them over the years on that point, which I gather is somewhat (but not excessively) sore.
Yeah, I don't think the show as a whole has gotten stale at all. I think Michael Rappaport's "Big Bad" has been a little weak so far (it's still early in the season), but everything else on the show is working fine. Plus, they just announced next season would be their last, so you've got to think next year will be a season long Boyd/Raylan face-off. They even hinted at it a bit in this week's episode with an exchange between (I think it's) the District Attorney and Raylan. I can't remember the exact wording but it was something like:

Raylan: "When are you gonna stop pretending Boyd Crowder is some sort of crime boss?"

District Attorney: "When are you gonna stop pretending that he isn't?"
Yost talks a little about Joss's contribution to Speed and the crediting here:-

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MrArg, I think it's farfetched to say that Graham Yost learned from Joss. Yost is an established writer and producer, and has numerous good works to his name. You might have been joking, though, and I admit I'm a bit uncomfortable with the pedestal Joss gets put on sometimes.
I was joking. Yost has established himself nicely with Justified, and yes, not everything Joss does is worthy of the pedestal treatment. Sometimes he just merits a nice pitching mound.

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