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January 29 2014

Joss Whedon on Much Ado, Agents of SHIELD and the likelihood of a Firefly revival or a Buffy remake. This is another interview from his recent excursion to Paris. So if you're not fluent in French, head over to Google Translate or Bing Translator to get an idea of what he is talking about.

If this interview has taught me anything, it's how far Google Translate has come since the last time I used it for longform translation. It's certainly not perfect, but I'm really impressed.

Great interview too, obviously. Very happy that the French release has meant a new round of interviews.
Thanks for putting in the translation links.

That picture labeled "Amy Acker" sure looks like Jillian Morgese.
I hate when he says he might resurrect Firefly... I get all hopeful again, everytime... (and yet I'm sure it's too late for that)
Great interview. Loved his comments about AoS.
The translation was more fun than the actual interview. "Buffy against vampires". Nice.
The creator of "Buffy the Vampire against" master of blockbuster, shot a Shakespeare in his garden.

Well, naturally. The little buggers keep ruining the dahlias.
Really hope he returns to the Buffyverse someday. A FRAY TV show or movie would be a great way to do it.
Nice comment, Shep. Enjoyed it.
The French title for Buffy actually is Buffy Contre Les Vampires (Buffy Against the Vampires or Buffy Vs. The Vampires), so Google Translate is not exactly wrong about that bit. Shot a Shakespeare is hilarious :). I also love, "Because there is no recipe for success, Joss Whedon prefers invent." And "Firefly (a series of space opera set in 2517, editor's note), it is simple: the leaders of the Fox at the time were assholes."
Firefly and "might'Önot much, but 'enough'.
That French title for Buffy is almost as terrible as the one that they once (hopefully as a prank) gave here in Italy: Buffy l'Acchiappavampiri (Buffy the vampire-catcher).

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