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January 29 2014

Rossum makes i09's list of 10 Bafflingly Incompetent Evil Corporations. Includes a video for a Rossum commercial I don't think I've ever seen before.

I don't understand how what they're describing is incompetence. Wasn't Rossum's whole plan to cause the apocalypse so they could rule over the entire world?
@aroomacanvas I wouldn't say that was their whole plan, but they did know the end of western civilization as we know it was inevitable once the tech was invented. They just wanted to instrumentalize it so that they would survive the apocalypse. Also, I have no idea where they got the info that China got the handle of the tech because of Rossum's immortality policy: I just thought things were already pretty out of control by the time the first signal was sent. Like, WW3 out of control.

The whole list has some absurd entries. Cyberdine, for example: do they really think a simple code would keep that *highly advanced artificial intelligence* under control?
I wonder why Wolfram and Hart is not on that list. All its plans are inevitably foiled.
Exactly, Pudungurte. They knew someone was going to develop the tech to take over the world, so they decided it would be them. They wanted to be the rulers not the ruled. Virtual immortality by transferring their identity through new, better kept bodies. And yeah China? Must have been watching through a different time-line.
That Rossum video is from a Dollhouse ARG. I can't remember if it was a fan one or a Fox one.

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