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March 12 2004

Buffy the Hamburger Slayer. No really.

You can tell when a show has achieved cultural greatness when it gets turned into a food item. I await the Angel, Spike, Faith, Willow burgers with great interest.

Mystery meat...
Odd. Not sure if this is really relevant here.
Someone must go and try it and report back on how it is. :)
I don't think I could resist getting a DoubleMeat Medley if I saw it offered...
Being the geek that I am, if I saw a burger with the name Buffy attached, I'd order two just to order it and say I did.
The patty on the Buffy the Hamburger Slayer was marinated in red wine, and included garlic cloves, Caesar dressing and Swiss cheese, which made for a symphony of flavors.

Symphony of flavors, no kidding. I think I would need an entire tin of Altoids for a meal like this.

What's next, a Clem-shake? ;-)

(Great post btw, I love anything about food!)
The burger actually sounds really tasty. I liked the article because I think it's cool that even a burger joint would want to honor the show and name a burger after her.
$7-$10 bucks pricey...? I need to move there!

I would definitely chow down on that burger...sounds fabulous.
Man, if they could only make the french fries in the shape of wooden stakes! Okay, I'm definitely past midnight on the crazy clock, but I think Buffy the Hamburger Slayer is cute and fun. I'd order one.

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