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January 29 2014

(SPOILER) Tonight - American Horror Story: Coven's last episode, written by Buffy alum Doug Petrie. ScreenCrush has some preview info.

Congrats to both Tim Minear and Doug Petrie on a great season. It's been outrageously entertaining and I wish it had been given a spinoff.
I was surprised by the girl power upbeat ending with the young acolytes lined up around the block and how Cordelia rose like a Valkyrie from the ashes to be a positive influence on a whole generation, possibly several generations. It definitely had reverberations of Buffy's power being shared with Potentials all over the world in S7, Chosen. And so beautifully shot; Myrtle going to her self-imposed fate in that red flowing gown was positively Wagnerian, chilling, to Cordelia regaining her sight, to the bleak knotty-pine eternity Fiona has to endure. I would also love a Coven spinoff; the antidote to Charmed.

Thank you Tim, thank you Doug Petrie.
Yes! The series definitely felt very Chosen-y right down to the final shot of Cordelia starting to smile. It really was a very upbeat ending and what a great message.

And that final Fiona/Cordelia scene left me in near tears. As evil as she was, it was so horrifying seeing Fiona in that state and scared of death :( Hands down some of the best acting I've seen on TV ever. It was so raw and so powerful.

To be honest, this was the first TV series ever where I was rooting for the villain. Fiona was such a great character and portrayed so wonderfully by Jessica Lange. I was actually hoping that she'd reemerge and kill the new Supreme, buying herself another 30 years. It would have been ballsy but if there was any series to do it, it's AHS. But if I didn't get that ending this was the next best thing and reflecting back on it I don't think I'd trade the episode's message for anything.

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