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January 30 2014

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion guests on tonight's episode of Community. has an exclusive clip from his episode.

Community is firing on all cylinders this year. Very excited to see tonight's episode.
It's really on a different level this season compared to what has gone before. I did actually enjoyed the previous season as it had really good character moments and was less 'wacky' than seasons 2 and 3 but season 5 is a tour de force so far.
Why was I thinking Amy Acker there?
Definitely better use of guest stars than in the past. They've had some awesome guests, but have always had issues fully utilizing them. Glad to see that's changed.
I almost stopped watching after last season *shudder*. So happy I didn't :D
That was a funny episode, all over the map, and a complete waste of Nathan Fillion.
I (mostly) love Community, but didn't love this ep in particular. And I agree with MrArg -- a waste of Nathan, I think.
His spot was so short! Season 5 is great but im not sure anything will top seasons 1 and 2 for me
I was expecting to see more Nathan Fillion. This episode wasn't as strong as the earlier ones in the season so far. Although it did give me flashbacks to dealing with campus facilities back in the day.
I liked the episode, but it kind of had a first season feel (re-first season), since they've lost a couple of the characters and are re-examining the relationships. I think we're in a minor period of adjustment right now and I expect it to lead to good things.

You guys are right, that was a surprisingly small guest role for Nathan Fillion. They also had Robert Patrick in a surprisingly small role. With such great actors, I'm hoping we see those characters again. Actually, this episode was stuffed full of characters and actors that I want to see more of.
Poor guy was just trying to get some PG Porn.
I'd rather see funny yet short cameos than weak, extended guest spots like they have done in the past with otherwise great actors (John Goodman, Michael K. Williams). I'm pretty happy with their use of both Nathan and Robert. It'd be nice if they showed up again, but even if they don't I don't feel cheated.

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