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January 30 2014

(SPOILER) Red Band trailer for "A Million Ways to Die in the West". NSFW trailer for Seth MacFarlane's new film co-staring NPH, hilarity ensues. I repeat, NSFW!

Ted was super funny, and proved that Seth macfarlane is still capable of delivering, despite the sloppy writing on recent years of family guy. This looks like it could be solid. or totally stupid. I have never found trailers for comedies to be very informative about the actual quality of the feature. I will see it though, based on the expectations established by Ted.
I'm leaning towards the stupid end of the spectrum just going by that trailer.
I thought it looked pretty funny. I also liked the setup that the Old West was a place where dying was really damn easy. Despite all the silly stuff in the trailer, that's a lot more honest than the Old West as it is often portrayed.
The bit with the ice at the beginning felt like it could have been ripped straight from Family Guy, and not in a good way, for me anyway, since I could never get into that show.

I do like most of the cast though.
It strikes me that this will be one of those Movies where there'll be so many gags that anyone would be bound to laugh at some point. -That is, of course, as long as they didn't show us All the jokes in the film in this one Trailer.

I'm not one who finds violence funny. "Slapstick" is not the same as getting your head crushed under a block of ice. Just saying....
I personally was laughing my tuchus off by the end of the trailer, though I too hope that all the nominally good jokes weren't shown off in the trailer.

In fact, I was thinking of this film having a similarity to Hot Fuzz - the only one of the three Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy I've seen start to finish - when it comes to humour and fairly OTT gore. Which is good, because I thought Hot Fuzz was a laugh-riot ;)
I love Seth McFarlane so I am totally in for this. Looks hilarious.
I've always thought Seth McFarlane was a talented comedian but that he relied to much on sexist/racist/homophobic material without any sense of nuance or satire. I've been hoping he'd be able to mature a little bit with his material, or at least not be so reliant on racist or homophobic caricatures. From this trailer, it seems like he has done so.

Of course, YMMV, because I'm still totally on board with the violence, esoterica, and non sequiturs.

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