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February 01 2014

Which Firefly character are you? Fun quiz over at BuddyTV.

oooh! so my character is Simon, but doesn't he finally get the girl? Where as I'm still waiting for my 1/2
I am Simon as well,
What a crazy random happenstance - I'm Mal
Simon all the way.
So I'm Mal and I'm Harry Potter. I don't think I trust these tests.

I think I'm going to rewatch the first episode now. Yeah.
I got Book. For a while, I thought I would get Wash, but Book makes more sense :)
Simon, are you Simon?

I thought I was Walsh too because I like toys at my work place.
wierd i thought either be kaylee or wash with a tiny of book. i'm not bothered either way, i did a superhero date quiz oddessed thing, my 1/2 would be the flash!
Book. I could see that one coming about half-way through the quiz!
I thought I was answering to get Kaylee, but I got Mal.
Did anyone get Zoe?
They call me Captain Tightpants. :-)

In real life, I think I'm closer to Simon (minus the wealthy background and the fancy clothes and the doctoring).
Thought I'd get Simon but apparently I am Mal
Oh crap. I got River.
I got River, which surprised me - would've thought I'd get Wash.

The difference between who we thought we'd get, and who we did get might be the difference between our personas and our anima/animus... or maybe this isn't the best of quizzes.

I could be wrong, but I don't think many people are actually afraid of me. ; ]

ETA: On the other hand, jcs, I am totally a'scairt of you.

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I don't know Quoter Gal, you can inspire a little fear here and there. There's a touch of River in you, perhaps.

Lots of Simons. Was they "loyal" question what through us in a lump?
Like to do the right thing, loyal and dress fancy... I knew i was going to be the bad guy in Much Ado About Nothing.
And we have a Wash!!! Yeah! I knew we were cool enough!
Aaand another Simon!
Kaylee - which admittedly makes a lot of sense (since I'm always fixing things and am almost always the only one who knows how anything works.)

I usually get Book, though.
Ummmm ..... Zoe?

Not quite sure what to make of that
I got Book. Such a cheerful description!
Simon. A moment there I thought I was either getting Book or Kaylee so a bit surprised.
I got Book, which is somewhat surprising. I thought for sure I'd be Wash.

They also have one for Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, and Agents of Shield. I'm Willow, Fred, November and Agent Fitz.

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Strangely, I got Mal.
I'm Mal as well. Go figure.
I got Mal. And in other quizzes I've taken recently, I'm apparently also Daenerys from Game of Thrones, Hook from Once Upon a Time and Haymitch Abernithy from The Hunger Games. The common threads running through each of these results seem to be characters who are independent, loner types who like to do things their own way and don't tend to conform. All characters who seem to be low on friends, but very protective and loyal to the ones they have.
You think that getting River is a bad thing? River is my role model. She reminds me that nothing in the 'verse can stop me. Of course, every time I say that to my therapist, she makes me look at the inkblots again.
I got Inara, then adjusted one question that I perhaps misinterpreted and got Zoe. What does it say about Whedon watchers if most people got either Simon or Book? (or Mal)
Absolutely nothing.
I'm Zoe. Even if i hide ? It's weird !
Expected Wash or River. Got Mal. I guess the darkness won. Or maybe because I picked "brown" since "green" wasn't an option?
Haha, I also picked the 'hide' answer, and I also got Zoe. I had sort of figured the two would be mutually exclusive.
Expected Wash, got Mal. Not complaining!
Mal. Wouldn't have guessed that.
I currently run The Firefly Awareness Network (FAN) page on Facebook, and I
organize the Browncoat Backwoods Bash charity picnic in Indiana (7 years now).

So Guess what?

Mal, of course. It never goes smooth.

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I got Mal and I didn't agree with it until I read the description for him and well.... It's pretty damn accurate for me!
Guessing not too many, if any Jayne's? Was he even an algorithm answer?
River! Should I be worried? Should I be even more worried that I think it's awesome?
Zoe. A bit surprised!
Another Simon. I guess it's that love of fancy clothes that did it for me. Although frankly I was thinking more of Inarra's wardrobe, not to mention dancing as my favorite form of recreation. I don't think Simon's clothes would fit me. And the choice of colors was way too restrictive. Why no purple? No, I'm definitely not Simon. I get queasy at the sight of blood.
I'm Inara, pretty cool. I'm graceful AND a prostitute. Mum will be so proud ;-)

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