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February 03 2014

(SPOILER) What to expect in the last nine episodes of Agents of SHIELD Season 1. "Full throttle is the key word for it" says Maurissa Tancharoen. More in a similar vein over at

As long as it's not Dollhouse Season 2 levels. That was way too much throttle.
I would prefer Angel Season 4 level. Loved that rollercoaster ride.
Excited to see all the pay-offs they've been building toward.
Excited for the back 9.
Really interested to see their definition of 'full throttle'.

Will also be interesting to see their choice for season ending, I have a lot of admiration for a good balance between 'ending the story' and 'cliffhanger/this is where we go next season', imo not a lot of shows get it right.
I'm wondering just how much it will tie into the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Not like a direct crossover or anything but it is clear from the Cap trailers something is rotten in SHIELD and there has been hints in AoS that something isn't quite right either.

Seeing how fed up with secrets Coulson and the gang are I can't help but wonder if the season will end with them working on their own or pretending to work for SHIELD but secretly trying to root out the baddies (my guess AIM or Hydra). It would make for a very interesting S2.
I realised earlier that Cobie will be finished on HIMYM soon, meaning she'll be free to pop up on Agents of SHIELD probably from a mid February. Maria Hill will almost certainly be needed if the show were to tie in with Cap... Exciting!

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