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February 04 2014

A round-up of reviews for the Agents of SHIELD episode that aired on January 14th. 'Seeds' seems to be the best received episode to date. Den of Geek liked it a lot as did The Escapist. 411Mania gave the episode 8.4 out of 10, TheHDRoom a 9, IGN an 8, TV Fanatic 4.9 out of 5 and 4 out of 5. TVOverMind said "the writing for this episode was compelling" and declared that "the episode tugged on viewers' heartstrings while also finding moments to make us laugh". Though Paste Magazine wasn't fond of the scenes that told the viewers what happened, rather than showing the viewers what happened.

I remember watching the scene to which Paste Magazine is referring and thinking "Show, don't tell!" Otherwise, I enjoyed the episode quite a bit.
Well, in some cases, what happened is less important than what effect it had on the characters. What was important here was the effect it had on Coulson, and the writers tried to show that effect.

In case I'm not clear, take for instance the Firefly episode where Zoe describes Reavers. They're telling, not showing, what reavers are. On the other hand, they're showing that a strong impassible warrior is afraid of them.
Funny I feel just the opposite on the show don't tell. And considering that part of the point was the effect on Coulson I think it was warranted.
Also two of the reviewers heard something different that I and the people who do the closed captions did. The Shield Agent Lumley said (about
baby Skye); If she had any powers we didn't see them. The guys/gals at the Den of Geek and the guy at Science Fiction.Com heard just the opposite.

FWIW I thought this was far and away the best episode to date. Ward looked comfortable being in charge of the junior scoobies and was effective.
There was a decent B story for a change, and as I said before I thought the Coulson/Skye reveal and the following Coulson/May discussion were
outstanding. As always YMMV.

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Looks like the blogosphere is really coming around. Great!

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