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February 04 2014

(SPOILER) Trailer for Agents of SHIELD 1x14. This will air on March 4th. Yes, you read that right.

The Olympics is forcing most channels to move sweeps month to March, and that includes NCIS.
WTH?! The next episode is in March?! If I'd known that, I wouldn't have watched this now.

They should've kept the episodes together. No way to sustain an audience.
I'm assuming the last 8 episodes will run back to back?
I don't think think anyone other than Nielsen can move the dates on Sweeps Month and as of 2 minutes ago they had Jan 30-Feb 26 posted.
Regardless, networks are moving their shows out the way. Olympics are huge ratings wise.
There's also Captain America 2 coming out as well. AoS might be moving dates to position itself around that movie.
Silver Lining: It lets you go back and re-watch the season to freshen up on the episodes, and watching them back to back makes the episodes even better.

Also, the ending of that clip? You do NOT want to see May lose her cool. The fact that she's probably that mad because Skye's on death's door is even more interesting character wise.

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"KEEPS getting better and better?!?" Yeah, feels pretty good, May.
I haven't watched the Olympics in years, since the networks decided we'd rather see endless coverage of "the stories behind the (American) athletes" rather than, you know, actual events.

Once March rolls around they'd best give us the last nine episodes in a row. If they don't, I'll take that as a signal that ABC has moved the show to "expendable" status.
But why aren't they airing it on 2/25? Olympics will be over by then...
Ah, the Olympics, that explains it. My kids are biting their nails to see what happens to Skye now and hollered at the t.v. when they heard that March 4 date. Will be interesting to see what/how they tie things in with Cap 2, based on trailer/spoilers it seems S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to be an increasingly volatile place to work going forward.
This is a terrible way to schedule a tv show. One episode a month..

Edit: if they are doing this to align themselves with cap i hope for season 2 they dont rely on movie tie ins. Id rather just have a weekly show

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Almost all shows on every US network are somehow impacted by the games in Sochi. This is not an isolated issue.
As I mentioned in the other topic, Buffy would sometimes go on break for up to TWO MONTHS. You kids these days...:P
A break isnt a problem. Make it two months, make it four. The problem is long break-2 shows-long break-1 show-long break-who knows. Its not about getting the show earlier or later. Its about breaking the pace. I imagine there will be people who dont mind. But i get why others do. And they have a point.

That doesnt mean there is not a good reason for it. Im sure nobody is happy with this, not us, not them. Its not made on purpose to annoy anybody, and no-one wants to loose viewers. Maybe something could have been done better from the beginning, i dont know. But it still is what it is. And its not good, there be somebody to blame for it or not.

Then again, patience is a virtue. ;)

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