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February 05 2014

Ratings for Agents of SHIELD episode 1.13 'T.R.A.C.K.S.'. The show got a 2.2/6 in the demo.

Can't help but think these gaps between new episodes aren't helping keep the show fresh on people's minds.
Seems to have levelled off.
It will probably get adjusted up a tenth later but given the 2 week gap since 1.12 its actually better than I would have expected.
Will be interesting to see if they get more than just the usual .1 bump - for the first time since the premiere there seems to be some growing buzz about the show coming together, especially last night's episode
I agree there's buzz and its deserved but all of these weeks without new content are buzzkill.
In the half hour breakdowns, at 8 it was a 2.2 demo with 6.9 million viewers, and at 8:30 it was 2.1 with 6.1 million. It may just stay where it is rather than tick up. Not bad, they've definitely leveled out.
@edcsLover9 do the half hour numbers have anything to do with the difference between the preliminary and final ratings, though? There doesn't seem to be a pattern with this show, as far as I can see.
The preliminary ratings in general don't account for overlapping (Like say, SHIELD ended at 9:02, the prelims initially add it to the 9:00 program) or local preempted programs. The finals do. The half hour numbers aren't really important, it's just interesting to see if there's a trend.
And as predicted, T.R.A.C.K.S was adjusted up to 2.2 in 18-49 demo, 6.62 million viewers. Same rating for the last three episodes notwithstanding the extremely offputting scheduling. Good sign.
Cheers. I made the adjustment.
Solid as a rock. Hopefully after Sochi they will be able to air more than one episode a month!
You would think they can have much less gaps between episodes when they come back, which should be a good thing with the likely more serialized last few episodes.
The network started a 12-12 airing experiment with some of their shows this season, so perhaps they do that with AoS next season.
Glad to see the ratings were decent and stable, even after the gap of a couple of weeks. Dunno what things will look like after the Sochi Olympics...maybe really good if people got tired of sports coverage all the time and chose to do other things?

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