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February 05 2014

(SPOILER) Synopsis and credits for the next Agents of SHIELD episode 'TAHITI'. If you've seen last night's corker of an episode, then you may have an inkling of what will happen next.

So we are going to the dark place. Where there may be pina coladas?
So Lorelei is in more than one episode?
Interesting. Coulson will go to the place of his nightmares to save Skye? I really hope they do it justice! *cuddles Phil*
This sounds soooooo goooood, it needed extra vowels.
Do we have an inkling because of Coulson's line, "I can't deal with Asgard today"?

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Well, Tonya J, the Asgard have meant the most headaches for Coulson, if you think about it. Between the whole schmozzle with Thor in New Mexico, Loki killing him on the Helicarrier, and the crap with the Berserker Rod doing weird shit to May and Ward? Plus, the mess the final fight between Thor and Malekith in Greenwich? Asgard = too much crazy to handle without sanity loss ;D

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