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February 05 2014

Disney CEO Bob Iger says Captain America: the Winter Soldier will impact Agents of SHIELD. After reports from test screenings, an official confirmation that the second Cap movie's outcome will influence both Agents of SHIELD and Avengers 2.

I'm assuming that this will have a little more impact on A.O.S. than the Thor TDW "tie-in".
I imagine it has to have a huge impact given what we've seen from the Captain America trailers. I'm being vague because I have no idea if trailers count as spoilers since some people actually avoid them.
I believe Iger's words were it would affect "some facets" of AoS.
Oh please oh please let The Bus go rogue.
I've been saying this for a while - I think the "Rogue Bus" scenario is really the way they're going to go here ...

A Whedon show is never going to show CutePuppyLuv towards a huge government entity, no matter their good intentions - his take on SHIELD in the Avengers pointed toward that. Having a SHIELD unit that's off the grid fighting the bad guys while being harassed by the "good" guys seems entirely Jossian
While I can't disagree with the events of Winter Soldier triggering changes for the Bus Gang, I have to wonder about whether or not the AoS team will have certain current thematic elements - namely, questions about Coulson's judgment and focus - won't lead to something like a partial fracturing of the team (with possible hidden complications)...say something like Ward asking to be removed from the team due to apparent conflict with Coulson (or Coulson and May) and then getting assigned to be part of the SHIELD forces tasked with tracking the Bus down after the events of Winter Soldier force our heroes to go rogue.

I mean, one thing that at least would deserve a single episode to showcase is just how much logistical support they'd have to find alternatives for, and the cost of said services. I dunno what a "normal" C-17's fuel consumption rate, but unless the Bus' fancy VTOL engines are some sort of hybrid powerplant, they'd need a small country's GDP to cover their long-term fuel costs alone. Unless they get someone like Tony Stark to secretly help with costs...

With the Thor thing, and Sif's upcoming appearance, it seems like the show was considerate towards viewers not able to catch the film opening weekend. I wonder if a similar plan is afoot here: an achnowledgement towards the film, but actual impact later, to tie in with the DVD/BD release. Season two?

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