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February 06 2014

All Oscar roads lead to Joss Whedon. Find out how all this year's acting Oscar nominees can be traced back to Joss through two or three degrees of separation.

That was a great article. My best friend and I constant play 'Six Degrees of Joss Whedon'. I will admit that we allow for longer strings when dealing with more difficult connections. One of our most recent strings that I remember was connecting Dennis Rodman to Joss. (Our friends actually challenged us to pull that one off.) The fun part is trying to do this from memory and not using IMDB. I'm glad we're not the only ones out there who play this game- and annoy our loved ones in the process.

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Just goes to show you, all roads lead back to Joss!

And a surprising number of those roads go through "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li", which is pretty random.
Meryl's connection is actually shorter if we consider that classic Equality Now speech. Hearing her say Buffy, the Vampire Slayer on the intro is still priceless.
How do you link Dennis Rodman to Joss? I'm curious.
Dennis Rodman was in Soldier of Fortune, Inc. with Mark Sheppard. Easy peasy.
It would be nice if they'd included the actors' names w/the pictures, because not all of us can recognize the face but might've heard the name.

Here's another fun one - Erika Amato, Willie Garson, Hinton Battle, Neil Patrick Harris and Harry Groener were all in "Quantum Leap."
Leonardo DiCaprio's connection is actually much shorter. He was in the short-lived Parenthood TV series and some of the episodes were written by Joss.

I've always wondered why this series is not available on DVD. There should by some Leonardo and/or Whedon completionists out there. :)
NyPinTA- My link from Dennis Rodman to Joss was a one more step than IrrationaliTV.

-Dennis Rodman was in 'Double Team' with Jean-Claude Van Damme
-Jean-Claude Van Damme was in 'Expendables 2' with Charisma Carpenter
-Charisma Carpenter was in Buffy and Angel as Cordelia
Coming late to this thread. Hate to say it, though, this game was too easy back in 2005, when we even tied silent film stars to Buffy (and, of course, by implication, Joss). It was Caroline's suggestion, and we had a lot of fun with it.

We did it on the Whedonesque Library on Flickr:
I was in Bye Bye Birdie with John Healy, Healy was on Queer as Folk with Scott Lowell, Scott Lowell was on Bones with David Boreanaz, Boreanaz - okay, I think there's some sort of connection there...

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