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February 06 2014

(SPOILER) Avengers 2 - Ms. Marvel to appear? El Mayimbe at Latino Review has a scoop on The Avengers sequel (not the Paul Bettany news).

ElMayimbe can be hit or miss lately but Drew McWeeny from Hitflix is saying its likely on twitter.

Well, the part about Miss Marvel is new to me, but the Vision news broke in Sunfire's post.
Ah. I was (am?) really counting on Katee being cast.
Yeah I was referring to Ms. Marvel potentially being in the film.
I would gladly go back to the rumor from a few months ago of Yvonne Strahovski. Because "Chuck" rocked.
Does Ms. Marvel have a big fan base? I just dunno. Maybe she's after my time?
Cool, but isn't it getting a little crowded?
Do I want to trust an article that calls the character Miss Marvel when it's Ms. Marvel and really nowadays it's actually Captain Marvel?

Squishy, the Captain Marvel book by Kelly Sue Deconnick is actually a pretty big deal these days.

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Thanks for the tip, b!X, I just ordered volume 1 off amazon.
Here's some interesting speculation.As The One True b!X mentioned.Carol Danvers took the name Captain Marvel a year or two back BUT just this week,Marvel launched a new Ms. Marvel monthly with a new Ms.Marvel and Marvel has been giving the new Ms. Marvel a major push.The new Ms. Marvel is named Kamala Khan and she is getting a lot of attention because she is Muslim which is rare in comics.I believe she is the first Muslim character to headline her own comic series.

Here's a good article about the new Ms. Marvel series.

So throwing out this speculation since this character is getting a big push from Marvel..Could they use the new Ms. Marvel instead of Carol Danvers?
The new Ms Marvel is great, and is drawn by Runaways' Adrian Adolpha. As much as I love Katee Sackhoff, I would LOVE to see Kamala Khan - Joss would write her very well and she would bring some much needed diversity to the Avengers.

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Marvel have been trying to make Ms. Marvel their main female superhero for what seems like a decade now, kinda their answer to Wonder Woman I guess. They don't really have a "brand name" female superhero. I think we will see a pre-powered Carol Danvers in a small role in Avengers 2, hopefully setting up her own film.

Now I'm wishing Marvel still owned the X-Men. I wanna see a Kyle & Yost penned X-23 film/tv series.
Ok, I see some comments about how this could be Kamala, but I am almost 100% sure it won't be(I would be 100% but they could pull something out of left field).

Here's the thing, one of the most important parts that we know about Kamala's character so far is that she really looks up to and admires Carol to the point that she writes Fanfiction about her as well as hallucinate her when she gets hit by the Terrigen Mists, she's pretty much the definition of a legacy character, she, like the Young Avengers can't exist without the older version of the characters. But wait, you say, isn't Carol herself a legacy character? Yes, she is, but she's at the point that she's eclipsed the previous character, she's had multiple series, including her most recent stint as Ms. Marvel which ran for 50 issues. Mar-vell for the most part is remembered for his death. They can fiddle with things to either glance over the Mar-vell stuff or whatever, that's what writers are for and I am not one.

They could also change up Kamala to work out like that too, but here's the thing, Kamala is a brand new character, her first appearance was in All-New Marvel Now Point 1 which came out at the start of January, her first full issue of anything came out yesterday. If they wanted her for the movie they could have either created her to be more movie friendly or introduced her in the movie, they didn't with makes me believe they have no plans of bringing her in before Carol.
Oh, I would love to see Carol in the movie. I've been hooked on Kelly Sue Deconnick's work lately. Buuuuut calling her Miss Marvel kinda doesn't seem convincing.
I'm another one on the Katee Sackhoff as Carol bandwagon.

Would have loved for her to have been introduced in SHIELD as the pilot of the Bus rather than May, eventually getting her powers and elevating from small to big screen.
Not a big fan of Ms Marvel. I'd much rather have Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp) or even She Hulk in the film. But if we absolutely have to have her then I agree that Yvonne Strahovski is the way to go. (She was indeed fantastic in Chuck) Never much cared for Katee Sackhoff. I always thought she was rather overrated..
I'd love to see Carol Danvers on-screen. I grew to really like the character through the writing of Brian Reed, who wrote the entire 50 issue run of Ms. Marvel volume 2.

I don't think I've ever seen anything with Katee Sachoff in it. I looked up some pics and thought she had a bit of a freakishly large mouth... overall I could see her looking the part but just from her looks, I wouldn't know where that bandwagon took off from - was she ever in talks for the role? Is her acting style something that would easily lend itself to the character?
I know Yvonne Strahovski from Dexter and thought she did a great job there, she's definitely someone I'd like to see in the Ms. M role. But speaking of Dexter, I liked Julia Stiles even better, and she'd also have a good face for Carol Danvers.

That said, I also would like to see a choice for diversity and novelty with the Kamala Ms. Marvel - and I'm even speaking as a Carol Danvers fan who hasn't read anything with Kamala yet, I just think it would be a really nice move!
"Do I want to trust an article that calls the character Miss Marvel when it's Ms. Marvel and really nowadays it's actually Captain Marvel?

According to Elmayimbe she's called Ms. Marvel in the script.
Can we keep spoilers out of the tag line?

Anyways this sounds awesome!
Well Katee Sackhoff as been pretty open about actually wanting to be Ms Marvel for some time now.

We know she can play a military trained combatant / superb pilot with ease and confidence, nevermind all the other incredible moments in which she shone through BSG..

@Valentijn, if you haven't seen Battlestar Galactica, please give it a shot. It's one of Joss Whedon's favourite shows for a reason.

Yvonne Strahovski, in my honest opinion, just doesnt have enough presence to take on Carol. Looks wise she can pull off the Ms Marvel persona, but there's a lot more to Carol than that.
Not to be that guy, but it's Ms. Marvel. :)
eddy, according to elmayimbe she's called "Miss Marvel", and nothing in that Twitter link says differently, and there's simply no way the script calls her Miss Marvel. No way. So, I stand by my skepticism at the moment.
kinda hoping this isnt true unless its in a cameo. the movie would be like 4 hours long
I have trouble fancasting the Carol/Miss Marvel role, I really do -- the women I can think of all lack what I think of as the physicality. Carol is not "Waif Fu", IMO, she looks the part as well. Carol should be able to invite people to the gun show. She has the right to bare arms. Can Rhonda Rousey act? Not an actual suggestion, but more where I'm coming from with the physicality of it.

The new Ms. Marvel would be kind of hard to plug into an "Avengers" flick, I would think -- even if they set the thing in New York/New Jersey, she'd be an origin story within and have to kind of get drug along. Seems most if not all of the "Avengers" players, the characters, are established and "up and running" in what they do. Having Carol Danvers/Miss Marvel come in already being... Miss Marvel, just not having been around these people is a lot easier than contriving away from the 16-17 year old rookie heroine to be swept up in fighting Ultron.
With so many Marvel movies coming out each year and the short films with Marvel One-Shots on DVD/blu-ray, you can easily introduce a character briefly and follow up with them later. So I'm personally not too concerned with crowding Avengers 2.
Not paying attention to any rumor unless she is stated as Captain Marvel. Also, Katee is a much better choice for the role than Yvonne. Captain Marvel is the only Marvel comic I keep up with and I love it! I want (and it is a realistic expectation) a Captain Marvel movie before a Wonder Woman movie.
Isn't Skye supposed to be Ms Marvel?
Simon, I thought the current rumor was that Skye would be Spider-Woman
That would make more sense.
OHMYGOD I would kill for Katee Sackhoff in a Marvel movie!

Is there any chance that could be real, or is this just fannish speculation run amuck?
Well, it is hard to put much faith in news from Latino Review.

For exmple.

I'll wait and see on this one.
I'm kinda hoping for Skye to be some take on the character Mantis, the 'Celestial Madonna', and things (including Clairvoyant) relating to the Kree alien empire.

Katee Sackhoff mentioned in an interview when Riddick came out last year that some execs were asking for her availability in the first quarter of 2014.

She didn't name the studio the execs were from, but this came up after being questioned about two of her Riddick co-stars moving into the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

I'm keeping all of my digits crossed!!

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