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February 07 2014

(SPOILER) Knights of Badassdom is a sweet, gory tale of geek social life. io9's Annalee Newitz gives an in-depth analysis of what to expect from the long-awaited LARPing musical horror comedy.

I said earlier that I thought this movie would play best to people in geek subcultures, but honestly I think it's made for anyone with sympathy for outsiders. This is one of those genuinely good-natured comedies that sticks with you, like an old friend. Oh and also - did I mention the musical numbers? Yeah.

Won't see it until and unless they let Lynch actually finish his cut.
Displaying my techie ignorance here, but does VOD, which I presume means Video on Demand, include Netflix? What other ways can one view VOD? (I still get DVDs in the mail but I've recently gotten WiFi at home so I can watch streaming - yes, you can welcome me to the 21st century now).
VOD is usually a pay/rent to stream service through your cable or satellite provider but also sometimes through xbox or playstation. Netflix is usually called SVOD or subscription video on demand. The biggest difference to the consumer is that VOD tends to be payment for 1 viewing or for 24 hours while SVOD is anytime and as many times as you want.

To the studio selling the film they get paid a percentage on the VOD revenue and usually get a flat fee to license the film for SVOD. I hope that helps.
Won't see it until and unless they let Lynch actually finish his cut.

Yeah - I used to feel that way too (for both private and professional reasons.) But, after reading ...somewhere (can't find it) - and seeing evidence for myself that seems to back it up - that there is an active contingent in the horror fan/reviewer community intent upon blindly panning this film in it's current incarnation as some sort of misguided solidarity movement with Herr Lynch, I've come to the conclusion that my sense of idle curiosity beats out my desire to be - for lack of a better word - petty.
I saw it Tuesday night with a room full of renfaire-garbed geeks. There was so much love and laughter going on. It felt like a bunch of really good friends had got together and made this film for their friends. And while I didn't get ALL the references (I've never LARPed), I got most of them. This will be a must-buy as soon as it's available of dvd. It's going on the shelf right next to Galaxy Quest.
I can't WAIT to see this. I heard they cut out a lot of the gore - that is 100% a-ok with me. ;)

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