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February 07 2014

Lust for Love now available! Buy/rent from a multitude of online locations, including iTunes, Amazon and Google Play as well as cable on demand.

Will it be available on DVD? I'm an old fogey who still prefers physical media for things I love enough to own.
sab39, they are making DVDs for the kickstarter backers (or at least they have agreed to) but there is no real timeframe on that. I'm expecting mine sometime in the next 12-24 months. :)
And for those with Amazon Prime, it's available to stream for free.

Amazon Prime or Kickstarter digital copy- one way or another, I'm finally going to watch this movie tonight. :)
I'm having a party to watch this with friends at my house tomorrow. So excited! My bf watched the first few seconds to test the download/streaming and says it looks great. Am having to restrain myself from starting early...!
Oh, I had no idea this was on Prime. Saves me the trouble of fiddling with Vimeo. Thanks, skizzoid!
Enjoyed it a lot. I hope Fran gets a breakout role in a mainstream movie soon. I've enjoyed watching him in all the Whedonverse productions over the past 4+ year, and he deserves a continually growing audience.

Also, thanks gossi -- I know you were involved in promoting this production, and it was nice to see your name in the credits.

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