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February 08 2014

(SPOILER) First rumors on the Vision's costume. Unconfirmed details on Paul Bettany's character outfit. Always good to speculate.

I think title and link to actor may be a spoiler.
No more spoilerish than the speculation about Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver before they were officially confirmed.
This will literally be the greatest movie of all time.
It feels like these things should be spoilers, but they're not. Anything that will be in the commercials and the trailers can't really be considered a spoiler.

Basically, I sometimes want to avoid all knowledge of a movie, and that's where this falls. I want to go into a media blackout so I don't see any trailers or find out any details, including casting details.

Then I go to comic book sites and fan sites and give up any chance of that happening.

I'm a sick person.
This isn't really an appropriate post for whedonesque. Go to superherohype if you wanna post this
Seemed like a pretty good post to me.
I enjoyed the post. But that may be because I have the same sick condition as Jason_M_Bryant
Seemed fine to me too - it's a Whedon movie, as the article notes Joss is making the costume decisions. Not any different than if there was an article discussing how the look of certain characters in Buffy were being updated for a new season
This isn't really an appropriate post for whedonesque. Go to superherohype if you wanna post this

Please don't tell other posters what they should or shouldn't be posting, it's not terribly polite. The item is fine, if anyone wants to dispute this then drop us an email.
I'm glad Paul Bettany is finally getting an on-camera role after major voice service to the 'verse. So long as he shows up, I think I'm fine with whatever the costume is.

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