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February 11 2014

Once More with Feeling sing-a-long in Helsinki. Heads-up to Finnish fans that "Once More with Feeling" and "Helpless" will be shown in Helsinki on Feb 21st. OMWF will be a sing-along.

The episodes are apparently a part of the National Audiovisual Institute's "Movies as a mirror for religion" series. Don't ask me why.

Edit to add: The episodes are a part of a theology course organised with the university of Helsinki, and there will be a free lecture before the show on the subject "Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a heroine myth".


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"National Audiovisual Institute's "Movies as a mirror for religion" series."

I don't get why this topic is relevant to that institute, or even why that episode is relevant to this topic, but I really, really would love to go. Anyone know whether this will all happen in Finnish or another language? (English or Swedish would work just fine, but Finnish -- not so much...)

Edit -- well, maybe I do get it on one count. It seems I read the name of the institute a little fast.
Carnelionne, if you mean "will it be dubbed", no. It'll be in English, with English subtitles for OMWF and Finnish subtitles for Helpless (according to the website). Only little childrens' things are dubbed in Finland. But I get the impression the lecture will be in Finnish.

Wish I could attend!
Me too, darling -- after ruuger added the little extra bits of info, this sounds interesting in a way that never happens on this side of the pond.

*Off to ponder why these things never happen in my neck of the woods.*

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