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February 11 2014

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' is now filming. Production has started in South Africa today.

Warm, fuzzy feelings.....
So, if the old TV rules still apply, Joss will soon be done with the script? :D

Kidding aside, I'm really excited how the follow-up will turn out now that I have finally seen Captain America, and both Thor movies last weekend. I should probably rewatch Avengers now, too.
Oh man, with these films, the old TV rules definitely still apply.
Happy that they've started shooting it. And, to quote Mal about that 444 days until it comes out: "That ain't hardly a mosquito bite."
444 days eh? Well.....

Every Buffy ep (144) + Angel (110) + Firefly (14) + Dollhouse (27) + Serenity + Cabin + Much Ado + Avengers = should pass 299 of those days nicely.....
Let's hope the set pics start coming in sooner rather than later.
Woo! Rewatching avengers to celebrate.

Does anyone know if films are shot chronologically? (Meaning that south africa will be at the beggining of the movie)
Films are almost never shot chronologically.
I would think that shooting films chronologically would end up being unnecessarily expensive. For example, let's say that the movie begins and ends in Sweden for whatever reason. Setting up and cleaning up is more expensive if it has to be done twice, so they'd just do it once, film the beginning and end at the same time, then move on to another part of the film.
In some cases films are shot chronologically (Little Miss Sunshine, for example, was shot chronologically in order to accurately depict the family/cast bonding experience) but that is extremely rare and unlikely, particularly if it the film is huge, expensive and requires many recurring locations. So chances of Avengers being shot chronologically are 0. That being said, South Africa might still be at the beginning of the movie, but purely by coincidence.
every article on this seems to indicate that the shoot in Johannesburg is indeed the first 10 minutes or so of the movie. so far they seem to be going relatively chronologically. certainly a coincidence, but still delightful.
Yay! I wish we could see it a early as this year!
Do we know if there will be another solo-movie before Avengers 2 after Winter Soldier? I don't follow movie news so it might be super obvious. Sorry if that's the case.
Well, I don't know if you would call "Guardians of the Galaxy" a solo movie or not, but it is the next Marvel movie before the Avengers.
Does it tie into the canon like the IM, Thor and Cap movies?

edit: quick wiki search told me that Thanos is involved in that one somehow so I guess that means it at least vaguely relates to Avengers even if we probably won't have character cameos.

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@D-e-f ..... Yep, the upcoming Guardians movie DOES take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (literally) It will be interesting to see how this one does as it's more "out there" than the typical boilerplate. Characters include a bad ass talking raccoon and a tree that utters only one line of dialogue no matter the situation

Joss reportedly is pretty giddy about the script. James Gunn is directing.
Re: Chronologically-It would seem the may put the most effect-intensive scenes first. Joss was pretty forthcoming about which characters were more of an effects headache in The Avengers. Makes sense that they would do those live-action sequences first-then send over to the good folks at ILM for 24 months of tweaking. All the best to all involved.
Don't know how big a role he'll have in Guardians but it sounds like we will definitely see more Thanos (teased in the Avengers post-credit sequence) and I'd be pretty shocked if Avengers 3 didn't involve an all-out war with Thanos, so there should be some interesting tie-ins to The Avengers. I'm already giddy for the announcement that "Marvel Studios has offered Joss Whedon several islands and two million pounds of gold dubloons to write and direct Avengers 3." I know it's coming.
I'd expect the scheduling of what shoots where and when is pretty complicated.

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