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February 12 2014

'Firefly' producer: A limited series reboot could be great. Yep.

I think it's a great idea (that will probably never happen...). Do reeeeeeally short seasons. Firefly bursts! (Can we do this for Terriers too?) (And when I say we, I of course mean they.)
What's this "Firefly" thing?
River and Simon spin off. You know, if they won't both working on Arrow and stuff.
What's this "Firefly" thing?

Cattle rustlers in space and occassional do gooding, with guns.
Cattle rustlers in space and occassional do gooding, with guns.

And soup.
That picture of Summer is great, is there a bigger version... lets say for me to print wall sized? :D

Ok on topic :P I have no hope for a live action tv-show or even a webseries. It's done.
I can't say this often enough: Make an animated show out of it. Logistically easier and no worries about visual FX and such. Also, much easier to bring Alan Tudyk back, without having to awkwardly revive Wash. DO IT! #FireflyReanimated
Who's this "Firefly producer" ... Tim Minear? Never heard of the guy! :P

[spoiler]Stop teasing!! Even if it one day happens, I'll always be scared that it won't live up to what we want from it.[/spoiler]
A animated version is possible. But A limited run ? I don't really see how they can make it work with the cost avec the Serenity-set.
[spoiler]Stop teasing!! Even if it one day happens, I'll always be scared that it won't live up to what we want from it.[/spoiler]

Imo interest in Firefly has continued to persist over all these years primarily because of the underlying sense of integrity found in both its universe and characters, and I see absolutely no reason (other than a phobia for generic artistic negligence - which is a factor in every artistic pursuit ever) to think that some form of continuation or spin-off wouldn't be at least awesome enough to exist on its own.
I miss you Firefly :(
A animated version is possible. But A limited run ? I don't really see how they can make it work with the cost avec the Serenity-set.

I'd love a LEGO Serenity. NOT A MOVIE though.

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Just give me all the backstory for everyone. Can we do that? Simon and River I. Osiris? (Also, I suffer from a dire need of 'more information for Tam parents') and more stuff on the War. What was Jayne doing? Boooook. Inara. Just.

I'm also curious about the Alliance side of things but that probably won't fly for the general populace.
I'm casually pondering what the first line should be....
I get what you mean, D-e-f-. Expectations would be so insanely high, should any live action or animated Firefly ever come to pass. Since it exists only in my daydreams though, it's a pretty awesome show. A++ would daydream again. In the meantime, the first issue of the new comic was pretty good.
"Reboot." You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Yeah, the word "reboot" is widely over- and misused these days. Reboot means to start over a franchise from the beginning, with a whole new continuity. Revival would be the correct term in this context.
It's all speculation from someone who got Tim Minear to basically say "sure I would love to do more of this thing that it's very unlikely we can ever do more of." We could be precise with the language but I'm not sure it really matters in this context.
Wishing. But knowing it won't happen. *sigh*
My one dream scenario would be a 5 episode mini series where Mal and the crew have to deal with Illyria as their newest guest.

Or Badger.

Not sure which would be worse...

I'm having so much fun with this. Thanks Tim Minear!
I could never fully get behind the 'bring Firefly back' thought. Why? Because more Firefly would only increase the risk of dying (or worse) for each of the 7 of the crew remaining after Serenity! (Especially when two of them ended up in a happy relationship - Joss could turn that into tragedy within half an episode!)
I know it will likely never happen, but when Minear mentioned SHERLOCK, I thought, "hey that actually could work!" Three 90-minute TV movies, that sounds much less far-fetched than other revival ideas. Also, right now getting the cast together doesn't seem quite as impossible a task as it did a couple years ago when Morena was a regular on HOMELAND and Adam was on CHUCK. Obviously, Nathan still has CASTLE and Joss has AVENGERS... okay, it'd still be nearly impossible, but I'm going to pretend they could find a window of 6 weeks or so to make it work.
I prefer the idea of an animated series. Then we wouldn't have to jump a decade or more into the future. The actors just don't look the same ages anymore, and that's only going to be more of a problem as time goes on.

I think a computer animated series could create a very stylized look that would suit the series well. We could get the handheld style camera work of the series with the moody color palette of the comics.
And I think most of the cast is familiar with voice work at this point? (Or at least done a bit of it before.)
Just let it go already.
Just let it go already.

Sorry - no dice! ;)
I'd be totally down for a cartoon, but I'd almost prefer a radio drama. I feel like that format needs some love, and it could be amazing, and still means actors don't absolutely need to be in the same place, or even the same time.
I think at this point, trying to revive the show with the original cast is a near impossibility (near!). Even if it were, all of the cast members have aged - I doubt they could convincingly pick up where they left off (I'm looking at you, Arrested Development).

The better thing to look for, I think, would be something like Firefly: TNG - a new cast, reference to the old, but its own story. Obviously there have been fan efforts to this effect.

Now that the comics will be exploring the aftermath of Serenity, perhaps a revival would follow those affected by that fallout? There are most certainly other raggedy edges to be explored.
Just let it go already.

It'd be lovely if that would happen, but too much time has passed and everyone is too invested in wanting it. There've been too many dropped hints from the cast that they'd love to do it, speculations, fan campaigns.

At this point, the idea of people letting it go is a lost cause and people should just drop it.

Or did I get that backwards?
The only thing I'd love for people to let go of is turning any reference by cast or crew to how it would be cool into a "more Firefly could happen!" sh*tstorm.

It's far less prevalent here than it is on various pop culture sites (which I'll avoid naming so this doesn't become "Whedonesque bashes X!") invested in luring clicks no matter what. In the end, Tim Minear musing upon it carries no more actual weight in terms of real-world possibility than anyone here musing upon it.

To be clear, I'll never tire of cast and crew musing upon it as much as anyone else does. I'm just tired of what some people or sites try to turn that musing into, because it usually just stokes fan passion for cynical web traffic reasons.

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I enjoy the musing, as long as it is done responsibly. This article made it clear that they hunted Tim Minear down and asked him about it. The reaction in this thread has been fun and reasonable because of that.

There have been other times when an article was written as, "So-and-so says he really wants to get the show going again!" That makes it sound like so-and-so is actively campaigning to make it happen, when really he was just responding to a question.

I can handle more articles and discussion like this one.
Bustle has a an article in response to this, along the lines of simply letting the issue go. I don't want to make a separate entry because possible drama stirring. Admittedly, I haven't read it because of b!X's and Jason Bryant's points. Is anyone really saying it's going to happen? No. But it's fun to say it, and it's fun to think of ways it could happen, especially done in the way Minear and EW and here have done it.

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