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February 12 2014

Elizabeth Olsen talks about her Scarlet Witch costume from The Avengers 2. "It respects and involves the comic-book character but it's different, more rooted." was the main question about the project....
The way she handles interviews, I'm really liking her more and more.
Ms. Olsen sounds like a really sensible lady. Looking forward to seeing her in the movie, and how her character will figure into the plot.
My favorite Scarlet Witch costume was the 90s Perez version. It wasn't your typical superhero spandex number. Sure it was a bit sexed up, but it also payed a lot of homage to her gypsy upbringing and heritage. Not to mention, since it was a Perez costume it had a lot of absurdly gorgeous detail.

Sadly, no one has ever come close to doing something that creative with Wanda's costume again.

Also, I'm pretty sure Quicksilver is going to look better in AoU than he will in the DoFP.
A bit sexed up you say? It a skimpy belly dancer outfit with a bustier and a cape. Great for fighting the bad guys. :)Of course all her outfits are like that. Has the poor girl ever been drawn in a pair of pants?

So glad they will go with something practical for the movie. Her comicbook costumes are insane.

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