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February 12 2014

Dollhouse premiered five years ago today. Where does the time go?

why did i think it was longer than that?
Ya, it really feels like longer.
The show was announced November 1st 2007, but then obviously strikes things happened pre-airing.
Angel was canceled 10 years ago today. This isn't a good date in the whedonverse.
Five years?

Did I fall asleep?
For a little while. ;)
Feels like yesterday :)

Just like the Firefly cancellation ... :(
It doesn't feel like that long ago at all. I wish we were watching Season Five right now. Huh, I just realised five years would have been long enough for all the Actives' contracts to be up.
Dollhouse, I still love ye something fierce.
I wish we had gotten more seasons. :(
I agree. A longer run would have been nice. I'm at least glad we were given a season two.
Happy birthday, Dollhouse.
Started in on a full re-watch last night. Oddly, I'm still picking up on odds and ends.
I actually just watched Dollhouse for the first time on a Netflix binge a couple weeks ago.

Interesting concept, I like Eliza just fine, and the supporting cast was generally terrific. That said I can't recall another series that seemed to go so totally off the rails as this one did in Season Two (IMHO)
But it was kind of a fun off-the-rails, for the most part(IMO) and it ended nicely/fittingly.

Second to Firefly, it's the series I most wanna show non-Whedonites (the Buffyverse is too dense/takes too long to get through). And, arguably, Dollhouse is the most "realistic"/close-to-our-world, most easy to digest/adapt to for those who generally don't give genre shows a chance.

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