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February 13 2014

Yesterday's Daily Show features a Russian lady quoting "Angel". Jason Jones interviews Russians regarding their views on the anti-gay laws. There's a Photoset on Tumblr if you can't view the clip. Btw the Russian lady in the video is a Whedonesque poster and talks about the experience here.

The quote is at the very end of the show's second segment.

Didn't see this here, figured it could be of interest. I've never posted a link before, so apologies if I messed it up.
I would recommend changing the link to the clip segment instead of the full episode link, which doesn't work in the UK and some other places. Not sure if the clip work for them either, however at least it's shorter to people just curious to check out the lady with the quote.

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Makes sense. In the segment-version, seems it is in the second one rather than in the end of the first as in the full episode, so I've edited accordingly.
People can watch The Daily Show from different countries eg The Comedy Network in Canada (though it's not up yet.) It's a moving segment. I hope Joss was watching.
Yeah, I recall I had to watch on a different site when I lived in Canada. But the link given works in Norway, at least, and judging by the URL, I would imagine it's the US one too? :)
Ok. I watched Numfar's link, which was fun in that it started out with "NORWAY" (Heia Norge!!) But I saw no lady and no quote?

*waves at Loki*
Yeah, Numfar linked to the first clip, but in the segments, it's actually in the end of the second one. The confusion is because I originally linked the entire episode, and the first two segments are combined into one there. So my bad! The correct segment is the one following Numfar's link, which is also the one the main link goes to after I edited.

* waves back! *

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That's the second Angel reference on the Daily Show from what I recall.
I have some vague memories of some Buffy ones, but not of Angel, I don't think. What was the previous one?
Can't see it unfortunately. Could someone say what the quote actually is?
Loki - it's from 11 years ago, here's the thread (it wasn't actually on the Daily Show but Stewart mentioned it in an interview)
Thanks Simon! And wow, that was obscure, I feel better about not remembering now ...

Strangeaction -- The quote is .
Thanks for the quote, Loki. Neither of those links work for Australia!
I'm sure Australia, UK and Canada (just a coincidence, or is it really only Commonwealth countries that are having issues with this link?) have other sites that will show the episode (albeit perhaps with another day's wait first). Quick googling gave me this site for Britain, for instance -- and it shows Tuesday's episode, but not yesterday's, so I would imagine this clip will be available there by tomorrow.
I've added a link to a Tumblr photoset.
Thank you Mr Laufeyson
@redeem147 Joss did find out. Check out his twitter. He tweeted another favorite of his in response. LOL.
On the 10th anniversary of the shows cancellation it's wonderful to see its core message still resonates. Even as far away as Russia!
That was amazing. Jason Jones is my new favorite Daily Show analyst. That lady deserves many hugs.
Wow, that was really nice. Such an important quote.
*waves* That Russian lady was me.

I talked to that guy more than 10 days ago - so it's an amazing coincidence that his show aired on the 10th anniversary of the cancellation of "Angel".

I'd love to highlight that not everything in Russia is depressive. That guy asked me if I believe that Russia can change, and I told him that so far, authorities don't pay attention to peaceful protests (it was during a rally), so Russia could change into a dictatorship or be destroyed in a civil war. That's really depressive.

But there is a lot of wonderful people in my country - clever, talented, devoted to Russia - who try to change things and do their best. Many of my friends go to rallies. My son was a poll watcher on several elections. Russial literature is great, Russian nature is beautiful, Russian cuisine is tasty.

So, please, don't confuse Kremlin politics with all things Russian.

I wondered if it was you :).
That's really neat! Thanks for being so articulate and lovely and brightening up my day! :)
Very cool, Moscow Watcher!
Moscow Watcher - you made me smile SO much!

Your words gave me hope for the world. And I know that we should not judge all of Russia by a the actions of a few.

You are a BIG DAMN HERO in my book!
Jones was right about this much: The quote does sound better coming from you Moscow Watcher :)
Nice to see you gif'ed Moscow Watcher! And also to read you here. Wonderful use of probably my favourite Angel the Series quote.
I just watched it. It was awesome! Nice to see you on my tv, Moscow Watcher.
Thank you for speaking up, Moscow Watcher (and using one of my favorite Whedonverse quoted to boot). :)
The link doesn't work in the UK, can anyone tell me what the quote was. Moscow watcher, you rock!
LittleMsMuffet730: You can see the exchange in the Tumblr site linked to above (very top of the page).

And, thanks so much, Moscow Watcher. Your eloquence and bravery (and optimism!) brought tears to my eyes! Your kids are lucky to have such an amazing mom!
Oh wow - that's fantastic MoscowWatcher! A very brave thing to do. Angel inspires me too:-)

Keep fighting the good fight!
I loved that so much! And on the 10th anniversary of Angel :)

MoscowWatcher, you really moved me, and I was so proud as a fan to hear this quote used like that. I think that's a very important message of the show, and I use it frequently.

You are inspiring, and I'm sure people know that Russia is a lot of good things, as well :)
Thank you Moscow Watcher for speaking up and for posting here!
@MoscowWatcher, thank you! The Russian people have always been so much better than their governments.

I fell in love with Russian music and literature when I was young (which was a very long time ago). For all the suffering over the centuries, there have always been those with eyes to see and ears to hear, and whose voices could not be silenced. So here's hope for the future!
Moscow Watcher that was an amazing moment right there. That quote is one of my favorites, as well.
Thanks a bunch for speaking out Moscow Watcher. I've been to your country and met some really wonderful people. Keep at it, and know that you have many supporters abroad! Your bravery is an inspiration!
Go Moscow Watcher! You are awesome! (I too wondered!)

Yeah!!! Squee!!!! And you were the hope! Just amazing.

I love this fandom.

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One of my favorite lines in fiction. Well said.

And you rendered Jason Jones un-ironic! That's an impressive feat!
What an inspiring and eloquent interview, Moscow Watcher! As you say, Russia has many positive aspects, including people of integrity like you.
That was great. Hat's off to you, Moscow Watcher. Such fitting words too.

I loved your delivery too.
@Moscow Watcher: Just looking at the the Tumblr photos of your interview got me a little choked up. Then I turned on the DVR and watched the segment with tissues at the ready. So well spoken. You've done Joss, the fandom, and possibly all of humanity proud.
I have only commented here a couple times on here, but I watched this video and I just told my husband that I wanted to be your friend, Moscow Watcher! He told me to find you, but I thought that was impossible. I'm glad you're on here so I can tell you how amazing you are! Even if you didn't quote Angel, which of course was great, but standing up for the right things is amazing. Thank you!
Proud to know you Moscow Watcher! You rock!
That was so shiny to watch!!! Thanks Moscow Watcher! Fight on, I hope things will get better for you soon.
Bravo Moscow Watcher! Saw the clip and was very moved by your actions and what you said. Then to come on here and see you are a Whedeonesque poster - incredible.
Dear Moscow Watcher, let me plaese give you a big hug from Spain. You are an inspiration. 50 years ago, we had a dictator who put gay people in jail just for being gay. Now, gay marriage is legal in all our territories. It can be donne. Thanks to people like you, all around the world. Dont loose hope. In the end, it DOES matter, all we do.
Dear Moscow Watcher,
Everything you said was wonderful, about wanting to do the right thing so you could look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren. That's what it takes to change the world! One brave person sharing their convictions. And you're a Joss Whedon fan! More hugs to you.
One of my all-time favorite quotes, too -- such an important theme not just for the show but for life. And, Moscow Watcher, I don't think any thinking person would confuse the Russian people with the Russian government (just as we hope other people do not confuse the American people with the American government (or at least parts of it)).
Yay Moscow Watcher!! You totally rock - but I've known that for a long time. I wish I could have seen the clip itself, but even on the Tumblr you look awesome. So calm, firm, collected and positive.
well done Moscow Watcher! I saw the gif on tumblr and then buzzfeed told me it was one of our own and that's amazing. very poignant quote.
Moscow Watcher, I was on my laptop with The Daily Show on in the background and I heard a Russian woman quoting Angel, so I glanced up and THERE YOU WERE. I was so amazed and pleased to see you on my TV! ♥
Moscow Watcher! Now I know what you look like! :) I wondered it if was anyone I knew. Very well said.

And you got to meet our Jason Jones (our, since he's Canadian.)
Moscow Watcher, you are awesome and amazing. As always. <3
I saw it this morning and nearly did a fangirl scream when you quoted Angel! Joss would be so proud.
According to Buzzfeed Joss already knows
I am grinning like a fool, y'all: the intersection of Joss Whedon, LGBT rights and The Daily Show is amazing.

(also, I wanna chime in that Russia is kind of an amazing place... I've never been, but I'm planning a trip this June and the depth of history and art and literature to explore is truly astounding. I'm excited!)
That was terrific, Moscow Watcher! Is there anything those of us outside of Russia can do to help?
Moscow Watcher, I just wanted to let you know how much admiration I have for you, which is a lot. :)
Wow! I know one person in Russia and she happens to be on my TV! Amazing! What you said and how you said it were perfect Moscow, wonderful.
I also really love what the group of gay guys had to say. If everyone who didn't like the way things in their country were going left, nothing would ever change. Someone has to stay and fight.
Just like 50 years ago in this country.
That was the coolest thing ever, Moscow Watcher! You did your country and everyone here so proud.
Moscow Watcher, brave and wonderful !
Moscow Watcher, you make me proud to be a Whedonite and a world citizen!

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Wow small world! Great comments Moscow Watcher and thanks for your support!
You're wonderful, Moscow Watcher! I'm proud to be in the same fandom
That's what's great about this community. All I can say is: Moscow Watcher, I also want to give you a hug. Keep on fighting and keep on quoting Angel.
Moscow Watcher, My daughter and I talked about your segment over the phone - you brought us both to tears. So proud of you for standing up against all of that on a daily basis. When I first saw the segment I gave a huge 'whooop!' and it turns out that its *YOU*! You made us all so proud.
That was amazing! Thank you, Moscow Watcher. So proud of you and this community.
Needed to rewatch this, it gives me hope and reminds me why we fight.

Just learned about a proposal from local congressman, wanting to send Brazil back to the dark ages, and Congress website started to run a poll about people's opinion about it, and I'm still shocked, saddened and ashamed by the amount of people supporting his ludicrous proposal (just a bit under 50%).

Had to come back a watch this again, to remind me of the long fight ahead. Moscow Watcher you're inspirational, happy to learn that one of our old-timers here got to do this and it was made available globally.
I watch that show every day (that it is on) and when I heard 'Angel' I thought is this what I think it is? It was! I try to drop that quote whenever I can. Doesn't happen often...
Probably the most important quote for me from any show I ever watched. Knowing it's so beloved by others no matter where they are makes the world just a bit smaller but better.
One of the first films I ever saw as a little girl was Dr. Zhivago, and poor 'ole Omar Sharif, an Egyptian, was the only member of the cast who could say Tonya, correctly. It really tickled and made an impression on me and I of course, grew up with idealized ideas about the Russia against the backdrop of that love story.

So as an adult it's been, as you say, depressive, to watch human rights be trampled in your country. Thank you Moscow Watcher, for being a part of a movement that says, "No" to those who oppress, vilify, and even torture a whole segment of your society. The reach of the Whedonverse is wide and I don't think I've ever been as proud, and grateful, for the humanity in that verse (and Tim Minear).
(((((Moscow Watcher)))))

I had to hug you! That was awesome on so many levels!
Well done, Moscow Watcher! You are the best - in the 'verse and out.
Geez, I almost cried there after you said what you did, Moscow Watcher, and I didn't think I had any tears left after watching The Impossible before heading off to work tonight.

Thank-you. :)

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