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February 13 2014

TVLine counts down the 19 best kisses in TV history. Guess which Whedonvese couple made the list?

Speaking of Valentine Day lists, Buffy and Spike are on IMDB's Memorable Movie and TV Couples list.
Having read this article, I can't believe they've included Kirk and Uhura. It was barely a kiss, they were never attracted to each other, and they only kissed because they were forced by telepathic aliens who were torturing them and trying to embarrass them in all sorts of ways. Hardly a great breakthrough for interracial relationships on TV, and wouldn't even deserve to be on the list of the top 1,000,000 kisses in TV history.
Part of me wanted it to be Cordelia and Wesley. This works too.

TimeTravellingBunny: I'd say it's still a significant moment in TV history (and even a somewhat significant event in American history). But yeah, looking purely at the merits of the Uhura/Kirk kiss itself and ignoring the cultural context, it's not remarkable in and of itself. It's the fact that the makers of the show (and the actors) took a stand, in a very public forum, at a time when it was a taboo/controversial subject that was widely avoided in television, and fought for it, that makes it noteworthy. Even if it wasn't done in the best way possible, it was still a significant step forward for the idea that people who kiss on TV (and, by extension, outside of TV) don't necessarily have to color match.
I love the Willow/Tara kiss in "The Body" because it's so simple and straightforward, with no drama. It's not steamy, it's supportive. And since it's so low-key, you feel like it's just a normal thing, something we must have seen them do before... it's a first on-screen kiss that somehow retroactively fills in many others that we haven't actually seen.

I think part of it is because the "Strong like an Amazon" exchange is clearly a reference to something the two have talked about before, though again we hadn't seen it. So the show acts like it's expecting us to be familiar with their interactions, and the kiss is then included in that.
Of course it was going to be Willow and Tara.

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