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February 14 2014

Avengers 2 production foiled by UK floods. Shepperton Studios in Surrey, England has been devestated by floods where members of the cast were due to attend for costume tests this week.

I have my doubts that the studios are flooded - they are a long way back from the river. I can well believe getting there is more trouble than it's worth and possibly in the way of rescue services further down. "Much of the UK" is a touch exaggerated. "The flood plains of major rivers and parts of former marshlands in Somerset" would be more accurate.

Still, it can stop raining anytime it likes. This weather? Bored now.
I live a mile away from Shepperton and a lot of the flooding here is being caused by over flowing drains and bad plumbing. Not from the river directly.
Eh, I hasn't rained for a month and a half where I am, which is nice and dry now, but also more flammable than usual. If we could get some rain, that would be nice. Snow is also good.

Avengers 2 filming being postponed is hardly the apocalypse, right?
I don't think its really post poned. They are currently filming in South Africa, while casting extras in Italy and have simply delayed costume fittings and camera tests in the UK.
Hence the title change to Age of Namor.
LOL @ b!X

They should do !

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