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February 14 2014

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog sequel 'will exist' says Jed Whedon. But as he told in a statement, "Unfortunately, the when is still unclear".

In that interview where Joss explained that the Hulk is the strongest, I thought he said it would happen after Avengers 2.

Can't wait! And do you think he'll bring Penny back, Coulson-style?
I feel like this is getting to be a broken record. Not that I doubt them. I'm sure it will happen, but they've been saying that since the first movie ended basically.
I think the reason they keep saying the same thing is that they keep getting asked the same question. Makes sense really.
I mainly just think it's funny because if there's ever actual news, it's not like they're going to refuse to tell anyone. Well, wait, I guess they didn't tell anyone about the first one...
I hope they keep it entirely secret and just post a link from the Twitter account when it's up on iTunes. It's what Bad Horse would do.
I agree with Sunfire, I still remember how surprising it was finding out about Much Ado. I remember all the stuff about Avengers being on post production, and suddenly we learn Joss did another movie in the meantime.

It be so cool if they did the something similar with Dr. Horrible 2, if not the entire thing, at least the trailer.
I'd would love for them to just sneak in the sequel when nobody is expecting it.

Like now :+

Aw come on guys, you shot an entire lovely movie in just under 2 weeks!

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Allow me to blaspheme, but I'm OK without a sequel. Dr. Horrible was a perfect gut-punch of a thing. An utter delight, and unlike anything at its time.
Hoping for a three part musical then going broadway.
I love your idea @Sunfire and your idea @cleveland. Cause right now, I'm still more excited about a possible Doctor Horrible 2 then a known Avengers 2.

Did I just blaspheme? So be it.
I look after a bunch of Dr. Horrible stuff while there's a holding pattern, and one of the things on my agenda is 'could we shoot and get through post some form of continuation of Dr Horrible without anybody knowing?'. I think it would be neat.
Is anyone familiar with the story of the film "The Fall"? The movie was made by Tarsem Singh over a period of 4 years in 24 locations as the director did other paid work on advertising and commercials.

I wonder if such a thing could be dreamed up for an alt-reality Dr. Horrible, pieced together from Hedwig and Co-optitude and Castle asides. Maybe it would be a sing-along Vine. I know, I'm reaching. *wants*

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