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February 14 2014

Alyson Hannigan to star in CBS' Tom Papa pilot produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. "Based on the stand-up of Papa and the experiences of Damon, More Time With Family centers on Tom (Papa), a husband and father making a career change to spend more time with his family. Hannigan will play Tom's wife Cindy."

Great news that Hannigan is getting work so soon after How I Met Your Mother, and there are interesting people involved so maybe it's a good project too. Still kind of bummed that she didn't look for a supporting role in a good drama, though.
Good for her, but as much as I love her, I don't think multi camera sitcoms is the best choice for Alyson. I think she was greatly misused in HIMYM, which is why I was hoping to see her in a drama (or at least a single camera comedy).
Big congrats to Alyson. Good for her!
Awesome to hear. Crazy Ones crossover?!
I was also very much hoping we'd get to see her dramatic abilities once again, but I'm glad for her that she's finding work.
I'm sure it depends on the production, but I've heard that half hour, multicamera shows take a lot less time than other shows. With a family at home, she may be leaning towards projects that are easier on the schedule.

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