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February 14 2014

First Look at Buffy and Firefly ReAction Figures. The 80s inspired ReAction Figures are now available for pre-order.

Firefly figures are here.

I know they're supposed to, but I think they look TERRIBLE. I'll definitely pass on these.
So excited for new Buffy merchandise, but yeah haha these are so ugly that I think I'll pass. Still, makes me excited for future products.
The only one I MIGHT get is buffy. I wish she had the full red pants and not the skirt. I'll wait for the Pop figures
I agree that the retro look isn't great, but I think they also have a bit of charm to them. Unfortunately Buffy isn't a retro show (at least not THAT retro) so these figures lack context and end up looking more like cheap figures than stylized ones. I am still definitely going to pick them all up, and I am very excited to see the other Buffy Funko offerings on the way.
I still have some serious problems with the selection of characters, Oz and a Gentleman over Xander and Giles? Seriously?

I think I'll hold off for the Pop figures.
Buffy looks like Harmony.
would be fun if they were bobble heads as they would look much better
The actual Buffy bobbleheads are incredibly ugly - and these are worse. I'll pass.
Truly disappointing. At last some Firefly Figs and blecch. Kaylee looks like my aunt Blanche.

Thes are going to be, as we said in old timey days, peg warmers.
Well, at least you can use your Wash figure as a Suicidal Spike from "Doomed", too!
Yeah, I thought maybe people were overreacting, but.. wow. My money is safe.
Funko have also announced a "Legacy" line for Firefly around August, 6" scale and realistic rather than stylised. They've just launched the first Legacy line, Game Of Thrones, and they look good. So fingers crossed.

But yeah, the ReAction toys are not my thing.
Oh, wow. If Funko is doing Firefly figure as good as GoT then count me in!!!
I thought the Whedon ones were terrible, and then I looked at Sarah Conner.

I won't be back.
I still have the original figures from the first run waaaay back in...gosh..99? And boy am I glad I do.
Ekk! Do these people even look at the characters?
Judedeath, if I were a toy company, I'd have picked Oz, too. With the success of Robot Chicken, there are probably a fair number of people looking for any doll of Seth Green.
These look just awful! Can't see them selling very well.
I'm not loving the oversized heads, and I had the same thought as Simon - the Buffy figure looks like Harmony!

The “Firefly Inevitable Betrayal Talking Dinosaur Figure set”, on the other hand, seems like it just might be a pretty tempting item….

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