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February 14 2014

Vampire Slayer beer. It had to happen. "Vampire Slayer" beer, a creamy mocha stout from Clown Shoes Brewery.

It sounds like one I would like if I could still drink beer. :(
What did we learn about beer?

Sorry. Just realized we're not supposed to talk about that episode.
That does sound good. Makes me wish there was a distributor near me that carried it.

Apparently, the "Vampire Slayer" name is being discontinued, to be replaced with "Undead Party Crasher." Thank you, trademark attorneys.
Huh. I was expecting to read about 20th, and instead there's vampire themed pale ale. Which is definitely a better story.
"Beer bad. Beer bad... What the hell am I saying?"

Only trumped by the awesome:

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Beer bad. I don't need it.
The read on the trademark infringement case is somewhat sad. I feel for Clown Shoes Brewery.

Either way, sounds delish, whatever it's called.

At the heart of the suit, we learned after seeking counsel, is whether or not a likelihood of brand confusion exists. Our position was that there couldn’t be much confusion between the two brands. The beers come from different countries, with ours being made in the USA and theirs in Belgium. This means they will end up in different sections of any beer store or on any beer list. Vampire Pale Ale embraces vampires in name and imagery, whereas Vampire Slayer does the opposite.

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Didn't vampire slayers pre-date Buffy? Very odd.
Go to the Clown Shoes Beer dot com web site and check out the label for Undead Party Crasher. It's hi-larious for the imagery. Also: "brewed with signature dark malts, holy water, and malts smoked locally with hickory and ash." Bad news for vamps: holy water and essence of wooden stake in the beer. An innocent beer that doesn't need protection.

According to the missus (a.k.a., "Sid the Wily Dairy Gnome") the beer is very good.
Yes, the imagery is great. They also have a handy locator of stores across the U.S. who carry it. My town has a store, yay!
Aren't zombies taking over for vampires? That seems to be the direction.

A holy water beer? Doesn't it become cursed during the process?
I have a bottle of that in my fridge. Picked it up a couple of weeks ago because of the label (not a big stout drinker), but happy to see the good review!
If anyone is still checking this topic, I was ambling around the grocery store this morning (Vons) and lo and behold! Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer beer. Of course I had to get a bottle as a keepsake. There must be some way to eventually cover the label eventually so it stays nice--and it is still named Vampire Slayer, imperial american stout.

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