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February 16 2014

First Look at Buffy and Firefly Funko POP! Figures. Buffy and Firefly get the cute vinyl treatment in these first images from ToyFair 2014.

The first wave includes Buffy, Angel, Spike, Willow, and The Gentlemen.

Now THESE I'm on board for. They're sooo cute!!!
I can't wait to get these! I am so excited about the Funko Buffy and Firefly products.
SO CUTE. They (and the Firefly ones) will look great with my Game of Thrones POP! collection. Squee !!

*unpopular opinion ?* I know Hush is really awesome, but what's with all the merch for the Gentlemen ? Especially in place of main characters like Xander or Giles ?

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The Gentlemen are popular, and I think a cool monster character is seen as more likely to sell to the masses than a basic human one. I do hope they do more figures though in the Reaction and Pop Vinyl lines, hopefully including Xander and Giles.
IF these sell well, I can easily see a series 2 including at least Giles and Xander next, which has me hoping for an Illyria in the (not so far) future.

I think the disney ones are well into series 8 ou 9 by this points, so if these ones go well, there's no reason to other characters to pop in next (yes, terrible pun intended).

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I am going to my comic book store this week for my Serenity issue 2. They carry this stuff. I'm going to ask them to carry them. more realistic action figures, then? Just these..."cutesie" things?

I'll pass.
Maybe they figure that Buffy is a super hero, so she needs at least one villain to fight.
AHH! They added a concept art piece for the Firefly ones. Wash, Zoe, Mal, Jayne and Kaylee.

Love the Buffy ones (though confused why the Gentleman has red eyes) and why Spike's in game face.

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I love Spike being in game face. Seeing his "ugly" face looking so cute makes me laugh.
Ahhhhh Jayne is so cute! Wish Spike gets a non game face POP.
A preview for the Firefly PoP Vinyl figures can be found in this picture from the catalogs.

As no pictures of the actual figures appeared online, I assume there were no previews at the Toy Fair.

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I was searching for something like this just yesterday!
The concept art pictures from their preview catalog show a regular and game face Spike, and also an Oz figure.
I find their lack of Faith disturbing.
trunks, you've been saving that one for awhile, haven't you?
I thought I'd heard all the fandom jokes.
And since we're on the topic. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Pop Vinil are also coming out, well Phil Coulson, that is.
That's the first time I've cracked that joke...but if you've heard it before I'll happily take credit :)

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