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February 16 2014

Dark Horse's Scott Allie talks about Buffy Season 10. "There was a point in the Season 10 summit when Joss broke into a rendition of the Friends theme song... There may have been dancing, it was a long day."

Some interesting new info in this.

1)So NB is co-writing issues 3-5 and # 7.

2)Sounds like Spike being there for Dawn changes the relationship between Xander and Spike for the better.

3)Will be no miniseries(atleast at this point) for season 10.

Season 8 was 40 issues plus One-Shots.

Season 9 was two 25 issue series with two miniseries.

Season 10 is two 30 issue series with no miniseries.

4)Seems to confirm there will be a season 11.
I love the idea of Xander and Spike spending some quality time together.
Yeah! I like what I am hearing here, except of course whatever is going on between Dawn and Xander. I like those too together.

Oh booh the need for dramatic tension. I want happily ever after! I demand it!

Just kiddin'.

And thank you Buffyfanatic. Nice interview.

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Its not that i have a special wish for Dawn-Xander togetherness, nor am i specially against it, but i really wish we could have ONE, jut one, happy couple that, with theyre ups and downs, were going to have a happy end till the end and beyond. Just for the change. For the newness of it. I hope this ends that way.

Wash-Zoe seemed to be that one couple, but then he decided to be a leave on the wind.

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Am I remembering this wrong?
There's a Whedonverse couple that do end their series together and to a certain sense happy, and that's Tony and Pryia.

Onto that, I'm still hoping for some new comics in that front.

Really looking forward to the new season, still hoping to get some time to re-read Season 8 and 9 before I start to get the issues form the new season.
Yeah, but i meant something less doomed lovers with one big crisis and happy ending an more somethng like "lets be a well adjusted and as happy as one can realistically be, with ups and downs." Not just ending happily while longing unhapily .Being happy troughout.

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