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March 12 2004

Q & A with Tim Minear. Amongst other things, find out how he would end Angel.

Ah, that would be the best "Angel" ending ever. Make him human and then kill him in some completely unrelated to apocolyptic crisies way. Very ME, very Joss.
Similar to how David would like to see the series end (squashed by a bus after becoming human).

I like interviews with Tim Minear. He definitely comes across as a witty and likeable guy.
I'm not reading this...I would like to see Angel end when I'm on MY deathbed!
Oh my gosh, he referenced Rockford Files and Prime Suspect. I already thought he was cool but now I love him, love him, love him. And whoever wrote the Kropotkin question--love that person too.
Reality TV as the First Evil! Of course!
Kudos to the Buffistas for coming up with such good questions.

Plus, I love some of the phrasing. "Pulling a Fury" -- I'd love to see that get into the Variety lexicon. And assigning "From below, it devours" as the catchphrase of reality TV -- brilliant.

And what list of hotties would be complete without Numfar?
I can only imagine how cool a Minear scripted Rockford Files would be. My favorite private eye show of all time.

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