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February 16 2014

Chiwetel Ejiofor awarded with Best Leading Actor at The 67th BAFTA Film Awards. He was recognized for his role in "12 Years of Slave". BBC1 (for the UK) and BBC America (for the US) will be showing the ceremony later on tonight.

As a weird trivia, in his speech he thanks his nephew and niece, the latter who's named River. Interesting.

Link updated to BBC Youtube video of his speech. the original link was to the nomination and winners list on BAFTA website:

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Yay! Congratulations.
Very happy for him. Remarkable actor. Been a loyal admirer for eight years or so, about time he got some official recognition. I was also a little bit pleased to hear (though it's probably just a coincidence) that his niece's name is River!
I also picked up on his niece being called River. I like to think that ain't no gorram coincidence!! Congrats to Chiwetel - he gave a great speech, well-earned :)
very well deserved for mr chiwetel
Well-deserved! Hope he will be regularly on our screens in leading roles from now on!

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